OEM development and support for radio integration

You are a manufacturer, develop your products yourself and would like to carry out a radio integration?
Then we will help you to implement this successfully!

Radio integration brings with it a number of challenges and, as a rule, "radio" is not the core competence of the in-house development department. Your team has the expertise to develop your own machines or equipment, and familiarization with radio technologies is often a new stage. The pitfalls during the development period are correspondingly high and there is a long learning curve in implementation. The internal development costs can be long and have a corresponding impact. The country-specific approvals of the overall product is also a chapter in itself and should not be underestimated.

Rely more on "Fast Time to Market" through teamwork with m2m Germany and calculable development costs. Choose your individual support:

  • Workshop for technology selection, which radio technology is suitable for your project
  • Support for firmware and hardware development
  • Allocation of a development sub-area
  • Production of the product as OEM version
  • Antenna selection or also individual design
  • Support with the approval process

You benefit from:

  • Consideration of the total costs in advance (TCO): development, product costs, possible running costs, this helps you with the business case calculation
  • A rapid implementation
  • knowledge transfer
  • Calculable development costs
  • "Fast-Time-to-Market" effect


Together with you, we develop a solution that is optimally tailored to your needs. Increase your customer loyalty and satisfaction with m2m Germany

Relevant for the following industries and target groups:

  • Manufacturers from all industries
  • Producing industrial companies from the fields of electronics, automotive, plant and mechanical engineering, mobile automation


If you would like to know more about how OEM development and support for wireless integrations work in practice, read our use case on "Developing a Bluetooth streaming solution for operating theatres" now.

Take off with m2m Germany wireless.