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Smart parking management:

Who doesn't know this - one wanders through the city by car or the multi-storey car park in search of a free parking space. Wouldn't it be nice to get a general overview of the remaining free spaces and then be guided to the next free space by navigation?

A scenario that could not be better when it comes to SmartCity applications.
It is still often said that retrofitting is almost impossible, the investments are too high and the infrastructure costs too high.
We at m2m Germany see things somewhat differently and have started a self-experiment.


Parking spaces-m2mGermany

search less, find more - we have tested it!

The few but sufficient parking spaces in front of the m2m Germany building were used for the field test in parking space management. Bosch Parking Lot sensors were used for this purpose. To demonstrate that a modern parking solution is easy to retrofit and works effectively and reliably, we wanted to install parking sensors directly in our car park. The requirements range from quick installation to low power consumption. A corresponding dashboard solution that shows which spaces are occupied and which are available should round off the test scenario.

What it can do:

Device connectivity via the industry standard IoT protocols - MQTT, CoAP and HTTP

supports cloud and also local implementations

Installation in a few minutes, with a few simple steps

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