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We like to respond to a "can't" with "there is no such thing." Take a look at some of our customer projects to get an overview of our IoT/ Industry 4.0 solutions that have already been implemented. Whether remote monitoring, retrofit, asset tracking or customized product development - we will find the right solution for your application

Logo of ViSy Visual Systems
System solution for active safety around special and disposal vehicles

Safety in special and disposal vehicles is the be-all and end-all. Active safety brings the additional plus - not only for the driver, but for everyone: passers-by, citizens and employees. The ViSy GmbH develops 3D reversing assistance systems, which serve as a system solution for active safety, all around the waste disposal vehicle. ViSy GmbH already uses the embedded Linux-based telematics platform Owa3x for this purpose. The telematics platform/telematics unit plays a central role in driver assistance systems as a node where all data converge, are coordinated and evaluated. Each assistance system can therefore only be as powerful as the installed unit allows.

Intelligent vehicle networking via owa4x:

Garbage truck that is loaded

ViSy has set itself the task of increasing the safety around special vehicles, such as garbage trucks, for citizens and employees to ensure maximum safety. In the course of this, the already existing assistance system is constantly being developed and adapted to new requirements and newly available technologies. In the course of further development, it has become clear that the features of the currently used Owa3x can be used for additional requirements like diagnostic functions were no longer sufficient. ViSy was looking for an extended platform that offered more freedom in programming, more CAN interfaces and a generally higher performance capacity. In addition, the new platform solution should be as compact as the Owa3x, be approved for installation in vehicles, have at least IP67 protection class and, if possible, have all the other features of the Owa3x, such as mobile radio, GNSS, Bluetooth Smart/WiFi, programmable sensor technology etc.

In particular, the new platform:

  • Have more CAN bus interfaces
  • Enable a higher data speed for data transfer (3G)
  • And guarantee the accuracy of the GPS signal

Whatever it takes:

  • Increasing safety
  • Reducing development and adaptation costs
  • Connection of the new reverse cadastre function

Logo AKKA Technology and MBtech
Remote Monitoring - Detect problems early and increase productivity.

Production processes should be effective and efficient. In order to achieve these goals, the procedures within the process must be monitored and adjusted if necessary. Remote monitoring involves statistical

data of the process to be monitored or of a plant involved in the process, collected, stored and a corresponding data access is enabled. The access to the data can be permanent or temporary and can be remote. Only optimally coordinated processes are economically viable and lead to the desired effects.

Reduced prototype development time in the automotive industry through remote monitoring:

Prototype of a new car covered with the typical sample film

Time is a decisive factor in the developer scene. New types of cars have to be tested intensively - usually for 12 months and that in 24/7 operation. The faster and more optimally test results and measurement data can be evaluated, the better and faster a development can "reach market maturity".

  • Remote monitoring transmits measurement data in real time or interval-controlled - manual data transfer when changing drivers is no longer necessary
  • All collected data is available simultaneously to a wide variety of national and international departments - no more time lost on the internal communication level
  • Problems detected early can be responded to more directly and insufficient test results can be repeated more quickly

Whatever it takes:

  • Increasing efficiency
  • Reduction of development costs
  • Optimized test phase
  • Fast time-to-market.
Large industrial plant

Remote Monitoring & Controlling - Remote maintenance and remote control for optimized productivity

Manufacturing processes are subject to economic and safety factors. In order to be able to meet both aspects, permanent monitoring of all machines and systems involved in the manufacturing process, as well as direct control access to them, is recommended. If monitoring and control can also be mastered remotely, this is called remote monitoring and remote controlling.

Both enable a company to optimize its manufacturing processes, but only if the machines to be networked speak a common "language".

Intelligent machine networking in the petrochemical industry for more efficiency and transparency:

Time is money - especially in industry. That's why both service staff and plant managers must be able to access the machines and systems of a manufacturing process at any time and from any location.

It is important that all machines and systems involved can be connected with each other independent of manufacturer - no matter whether they are machines from the old stock or new acquisitions - networked machines need a common "language" - thanks to a protocol converter - a kind of machine-language translator - remote monitoring & controlling is possible throughout.

  • Protocol converters combine the most diverse machine protocols with one another and allow common device communication
  • Remote monitoring is a continuous monitoring of machines and plants via mobile phone connection - the plant status is visible at any time and from any place.
  • Access to networked control units via mobile router connection and corresponding cloud solution ensures a secure production process.
  • In the event of malfunctions, maintenance work or problems in terms of machine utilisation, the machines and systems can be accessed directly.
  • Assignable access and access rights create security and transparency

Whatever it takes:

  • Early fault detection
  • Reduction of downtime and production costs
  • Resource-saving use for man and machine, reduced personnel costs & retrofit
  • Increase in productivity

Logo Spier Fahrzeugwerk

Smart asset tracking for optimized production processes

Optimizing processes starts where something can be implemented faster, better and with less effort. Optimization has become existential in trade and production. The goal is to reduce production costs and make processes more efficient - digital, smart solutions can achieve this. For example, if you always know where, when and which object involved in the production process is located, this can lead to a considerable reduction in time and costs.

Track & Trace of objects on company premises with a LoRa® radio solution:

A manufacturer of vehicle bodies, for example, has 130,000 square metres of factory premises with a number of vehicles of the same appearance that have to be transferred from one processing station to the next.

Due to the missing marking, finding a vehicle is time-consuming. However, as soon as a clear assignment is possible thanks to a smart radio sensor, the respective vehicle can be permanently located. The sensor tag itself is not permanently installed in the vehicle, but is simply placed in the driver's cab at the start of construction and can be reused several times. The radio connection is made via a long range network, which was installed on the site especially for this purpose - sounds like a lot of work, but it's not: an appropriately positioned gateway is sufficient to cover large areas. The vehicle can be located clearly and quickly at any place on the premises, in the production halls and in their vicinity at any time within a very short time. Mix-ups are impossible. The data, which the tags continuously collect and pass on via the LoRa® network, flows directly into an IoT software platform where it is visualised and can be further processed accordingly.

  • Sensor tags locate the tagged object on the factory premises - each vehicle can be identified at any time
  • All sensor data is centrally collected in the IoT software platform and can also be accessed via mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc
  • Production processes can be better scheduled
  • The sensor tag can also be used as a kind of "invisible fence" - if a vehicle or object leaves the defined area, this is immediately reported

Whatever it takes:

  • Time saving due to exact location of the object
  • Reduce waiting times at the individual production stations
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Increase safety standards

Logo of Olympus

Technology Integration into an existing control system

Companies are often faced with the challenge of adapting existing products or already developed solutions to new technology standards. Then the question arises whether an in-house development department has sufficient resources - both in terms of personnel and knowledge. Radio applications in particular require expert knowledge in order to develop a future-proof and feasible solution. This is where we, m2m Germany, and our development department come in.

Music for the surgeon - Development of a Bluetooth streaming solution for operating rooms

When it comes to technical enquiries from the medical field, things are usually tricky - after all, it is necessary to meet the standards set for this purpose - especially when it comes to technical integration in operating theatres. Olympus Surgical Technologies approached m2m Germany with an unusual problem. The company was looking for a suitable streaming solution for operating theatres that would be compatible with the existing Olympus integration solution.

The medical integration solution from Olympus has a wide range of interfaces to a variety of areas - from video management for live videos, documentation for information management, to the control of all medical equipment and peripheral systems in an operating theatre. And it was precisely in this system that a new audio streaming solution was to be integrated. The aim of the new solution was to integrate a solution that is independent of the music data carrier manufacturer into the integrated Olympus OR solution and to be able to operate the streaming via touch screen of the central control unit. The basic prerequisite for this is international certification of the new solution, so that it can actually be integrated into the existing audio streaming solution and distributed internationally.

  • Bluetooth is a manufacturer-independent technology and is almost standardised in devices such as MP3 players and smartphones
  • With Bluetooth there are no mobile phone costs
  • Choosing a flush-mounted socket outlet for the design ensures high hygiene standards
  • inside an operating room.
  • The existing Olympus integration solution has a Bluetooth interface, which allows access via touch screen.

Whatever it takes:

  • Expansion of the own product - "State-of-the-art
  • Reduction of development and personnel costs
  • "Time-To-Market" effect through certified development with corresponding country approval

Bus tours Astl LogoInternet connection of a complete vehicle fleet

The traditional company Astl has been offering coach tours throughout Europe for more than 50 years. The company relies on the latest technology in the most modern vehicles. The company's fleet comprises a total of 25 coaches, with space for 58 - 75 guests.

Today's travelers take the on-board kitchen, sleeping seats and their own on-board toilet for granted and also expect to be offered a passenger WLAN. Guests want to be able to go online anytime and anywhere, regardless of their location. The elimination of the "Stoererhaftung" (Breach of Duty of Care) has made the implementation attractive for Astl Reisen. To meet the requirements, the company was looking for a simple and secure solution for connecting its bus fleet to the Internet.

Astl coach fleetMobile Internet in the coach

Not all Internet is the same - especially not when it comes to mobile use. In particular, if WLAN is to be available to the user free of charge at all times, the operator must pay attention to various factors. As fail-safe as possible and with integrated protection for any roaming costs that may arise, and also powerful, are common features when connecting vehicles. The bus travel company Astl relies on a secure LTE connection via E1 certified vehicle router for its modern long-distance coaches. It is important that the Mobile router can be integrated trouble-free into the on-board technology and meets the desired performance.

Whatever it takes:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Broadened range of services (streaming services / on-board entertainment)
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Acquisition - and evaluation of telemetry data


Smart parking management:

search less, find more - we have tested it!

Who doesn't know this - one wanders through the city by car or the multi-storey car park in search of a free parking space. Wouldn't it be nice to get a general overview of the remaining free spaces and then be guided to the next free space by navigation?

A scenario that could not be better when it comes to SmartCity applications.
It is still often said that retrofitting is almost impossible, the investments are too high and the infrastructure costs too high.
We at m2m Germany see things somewhat differently and have started a self-experiment.

Parking spaces-m2mGermanyThe few but sufficient parking spaces in front of the m2m Germany building were used for the field test in terms of parking space management. Therefore the Parking Lot Sensors from Bosch. In order to make it clear that a modern parking solution is easy to retrofit and works effectively and reliably, we wanted to install parking sensors directly on our parking lot. The requirements range from quick installation to low power consumption. An appropriate dashboard solution that shows which spaces are occupied and which are available was to round off the test scenario.

What it can do:

  • Device connectivity via the industry standard IoT protocols - MQTT, CoAP and HTTP
  • supports cloud and also local implementations
  • Installation in a few minutes, with a few simple steps

You can find more about the result here