Delivery times and prices increase

Stock up now - because delivery times & prices are rising!

Rising graphAlready in December 2020, there was a strong price increase in many metallic commodities; copper is particularly noteworthy. Now in January, the trend has continued and many commodities have once again drastically increased in price. The reason for this is usually that supply is too tight to meet the increased demand. In general, a certain price increase was to be expected - due to higher VAT rates, the C02 price increase and the increase of the minimum wage in Germany. But also because fewer raw materials were mined for corona-related reasons. Added to the ever longer delivery times, which are partly due to raw materials being too scarce, but also to the shortage of shipping containers, the price increase is not going away.
Home office, homeschooling as well as upgrading in the mobile sector to 5G, are leading to the big needs in the market and contributing to the situation - with no end in sight.

Some components are currently in short supply in the embedded market. In particular, FLASH and DRAM ICs are in short supply - regardless of the manufacturer. Companies that need modules and devices with the above-mentioned FLASH and DRAM ICs are forced to act.

Delivery times of 6-8 weeks are a thing of the past - in the meantime, some manufacturers are already announcing delivery times up to week 26 - we are talking about the end of June 2021! Some of our suppliers have already extended delivery times - both in the embedded modules segment and with other device suppliers, such as Laird and Owasys - but only for certain components. If you have any questions and want to know if your supplier or product is affected, please contact our sales department.
We will provide you with the necessary information.

In order to avoid downtimes in production and to achieve a certain planning reliability in production, we recommend stockpiling.