OEM development & radio integrations

OEM development and support for radio integrations

You are a manufacturer, develop your products yourself and would like to carry out a radio integration?
Then we will help you to implement this successfully!

Radio integration brings some challenges and usually "radio" is not the core competence of the in-house development department. Your team has expertise in developing their own machines or equipment, and learning radio technologies is often a new stage. The pitfalls during development time are correspondingly high and there is a long learning curve in implementation. Internal development costs can be protracted and impact accordingly. The country-specific approvals of the overall product is also a chapter in itself and should not be underestimated.

Better rely on "Fast Time to Market" through teamwork with m2m Germany and calculable development costs. Choose your individual support:


  • Workshop for technology selection, which radio technology is suitable for your project
  • Support for firmware and hardware development
  • Allocation of a development sub-area
  • Production of the product as OEM version
  • Antenna selection or also individual design
  • Support with the approval process


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Radio integration

The idea Funkintegration

Anyone who has already committed himself to a certain technology when first thinking about the topic of radio integration runs the risk of betting on the wrong horse. In the end, it is almost always the application that determines the appropriate technology. Moreover, the jungle of wireless standards and technologies is so dynamic that a closer look is always worthwhile. Which wireless standard delivers which bandwidth, range, power consumption at which duty cycle, etc.?

Facts such as availability, distribution and eco-system of a technology must also be weighed. Likewise, the question of whether the product or solution is to be brought to the mass market or is the market essentially vertical?

It starts with the component evaluation

The start of every evaluation is the requirements specification, which contains all the "use cases" and the resulting parameters. This results in the respective component specifications, which allow separate consideration of the subsystems. In the case of radio technologies, there are essentially two blocks to be considered. The radio module and the connector-cable-antenna system. The latter can be treated as one or more assemblies (depending on the design).

The aim of the evaluation is to test the intended samples against the created specification. The earlier in the course of the project reliable statements can be made about the individual components, the faster and more cost-effectively any necessary corrections can be made.

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Concept and individual development

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