It's no secret: modern travellers in buses, trains and mobile homes want access to the Internet for their smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Emergency vehicles of police and fire brigade are also looking for a corresponding solution for special vehicles.

Vehicle manufacturers and operators face the challenge of providing a secure and stable Internet connection for their vehicles and passengers. Whether only as a WLAN hotspot or at the same time as a passenger information system, it is important to meet the customer's requirements and to keep up with standards within Europe. With a simple installation, you enrich your customer's offer with a stable Internet access for passengers - in buses, trains, mobile homes or emergency vehicles.
In addition to mobile Internet access, digital signage, electronic payment systems and infotainment services can also be offered.

What do you think about being able to offer your customer this wish quickly and easily?

  • Specially approved for these needs and certified vehicle routers - You will get exactly the solution you were looking for, no matter if bus, train or special vehicles like police cars
  • Guarantee a secure and stable mobile access that always provides you with the best available network at the best speed
  • Cooperation partners recommended by us for HotSpot user management ensure WLAN hotspot functionality and security to the highest standards.

You and your customers benefit from:

  • Easy integration of the router - no long-term downtime
  • Can also be retrofitted in existing vehicles
  • Satisfied passengers and better customer retention
  • Passenger information systems, infotainment and destination displays can be connected
  • Additional revenues from digital signage services and pay per view services
  • Use of the Hotspot homepage for self-promotion

m2m Germany can support you in the design and integration of such solutions.

Wir beraten Sie bei der Komponentenwahl vom passenden Fahrzeugrouter bis hin zur entsprechenden Antennenanbindung, erstellen das technische Konzept und erledigen auf Wunsch die Geräte-Konfiguration. Gerne übernehmen wir auch für Sie die entsprechende, individuelle Anbindung Ihres Routers an eine Cloud oder Server Lösung.

Together with our cooperation partners, we offer you the right complete solution from matching SIM cards to the Hotspot User Management Portal.

Relevant for the following industries and target groups:

  • Manufacturers and outfitters of long-distance coaches, buses, coaches, mobile homes, rail vehicles and special vehicles
  • Operators of buses and trams in tourist traffic or public transport with their own workshops and corresponding technical departments
  • Providers of industry solutions such as software and hardware for public transport and public services (emergency vehicles of the fire brigade, police, ambulance etc..), as well as solution providers in general for mobile data connection in vehicles such as: coaches, mobile homes and rail vehicles.

If you would like to know more about how mobile WLAN hotspots for vehicles work in practice, then read our use case on "Boundless WLAN in coaches" now.