Research seal of approval for m2m Germany

Research Seal"Innovative through research"

Only companies that show a special commitment to research and development are awarded the "Innovative through Research" research seal by the Stifterverband. The Stifterverband is one of the largest private science sponsors in Germany.

The core topics of the Stifterverband are education, science and innovation. For the Stifterverband, they are inseparable. Without education there can be no science, and without science there can be no innovation.

Once again m2m Germany receives the research seal of the Stifterverband.
A research project in cooperation with the FH Dortmund was awarded. The aim of the project was to develop an indoor tracking system for objects and people in logistics processes. In contrast to systems currently available on the market, the system to be developed was to manage without or only with very little infrastructure, i.e. fixed hardware, and be compatible with current smartphone technology.

Advancement through research

Since 1920, the Stifterverband has embodied the joint responsibility of German companies for a sustainable society worth living in. DAX-listed corporations, medium-sized companies, business associations, philanthropists and committed private individuals have joined forces in the Stifterverband. They are the nucleus of a network of business, science, politics and civil society that is unique in Germany. The Stifterverband is committed to supporting young academics and excellent universities. In addition, the association examines and evaluates the German research and innovation system.
There are 3.5 million companies in Germany, less than one percent of which conduct research. A small but significant group. Research creates innovation, not least from which new product ideas and the foundations for new business models emerge.

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