The IoT family business

Industry 4.0, IoT, IIoT, digitisation and M2M - there are now many terms for what we do. Changing the company name every year according to the latest marketing hype cannot be the solution. Ultimately, for us this means networking your plants and machines with modern wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, LoRa, LTE or NB-IoT - as simply and quickly as possible.

We work B2B, deliberately cross-industry, in order to adapt the experiences from other industries, and see ourselves as service providers to the industry. This means: We support you from the brainstorming to the certification and are also at your disposal with our after-sales support. Our developers for embedded hardware and software work out your individual IoT solution or use high-quality industrial devices, systems and components from well-known manufacturers or find the best mix of both for you.

The team of m2m Germany

Team of the m2m germany

We are a young team of 20 employees, half of whom are now hardware and software developers - and the number is growing. We are fascinated by the further development, advancement and application of the latest wireless technologies. Even though we deal with them on a daily basis, we are always amazed at the enormous advantages and even new business areas that result from IoT applications for our customers. We love the challenge, because every project is different and we remain hungry for new things.

Because our know-how can be used across all industries - from medical technology to bicycle tracking modules - we are open to all market segments. IoT applications are not limited to individual industries. So if you do not see your idea or project implemented directly by us on the application page, do not hesitate to contact us anyway.

Trend-setting are - the CEO's

Marius Nickolai - Managing Director of m2m Germany

Marius Nickolai

Managing Director

Marius Nickolai describes himself as a "businessman who is enthusiastic about technology and combines practical, technical and economic thinking".

The start for this was his training as an information electronics engineer. After a short spell on the job and seven months of mowing lawns on playgrounds as part of his community service at the local building yard, he joined m2m Germany's Technical Sales Department. There he completed his dual business administration studies, specialising in SME management, at Studium Plus/Wetzlar, THM Gießen-Friedberg and for one semester at Obuda University in Budapest. After graduation, he continued to work in technical sales and m2m project management until 2016, when he took over as Managing Director. He is now responsible for sales, marketing, human resources and controlling - but continues to support customers and projects. When he is not working, he explores the world, tries his hand at various sports and cheers Frankfurt's Eintracht.

Ralf Schoula Managing Director of m2m Germany

Ralf Schoula

Managing Director

Technician through and through - that is Ralf Schoula.

His professional career began in 1988 in the classic manner with an apprenticeship as a radio and television technician and initially worked as a technical employee in Frankfurt. This was not yet technical enough for him, so the 2-year technical school in Weilburg followed to become a state-certified technician in electrical engineering with a focus on information electronics. After graduating in 1996, he was Technical Manager for a French company for 10 years. He then went into business for himself in the field of telecommunications and joined m2m Germany in 2009 in the Business Development, Embedded Modules department. Since 2016 he has been managing director, supervising customer-specific development projects and research projects with universities. He is also responsible for sales and as a key account for the embedded sector.

In addition to his job, Ralf Schoula is also involved in shooting sports, was runner-up in the air rifle discipline in Hesse in 2018 and is an enthusiastic cyclist and motorcyclist.

From value-added distributor to full-service development provider

Initially founded as a value-added distributor in 2007, over time it became clear that many of our customers are struggling with the issue of digitization and the use of the associated technologies. This is quite understandable when one considers that m2m Germany's customers do not necessarily have expertise in RF technology or electronics development in general, but rather in mechanical engineering, automotive or sensor technology. For companies that decide to take on a digitisation project on their own initiative, this usually means that the appropriate specialist staff must be hired or existing staff must be trained. This, in turn, can lead to projects being protracted and to delayed market launches - with the result that project costs can explode.

We noticed - and still notice - that with the expertise we have accumulated over the years, we can remedy exactly this problem. This is one reason why we have added further services to our portfolio step by step. For example, we offer Design Reviews, with which we provide our customers with very specific support.

That's why today we are a team that is quite unusual for a distributor, half of which consists of embedded hardware and software developers with a focus on the wireless sector. This has also changed our self-image in that we do not "only" want to offer our customers products from our portfolio, but rather develop the best possible solution for them within the scope of our services. In doing so, components from other manufacturers outside our portfolio are often used. We can only offer a credible solution if we are convinced of this ourselves.
This enables us to provide comprehensive customer support, regardless of whether the customer develops the product himself and we are available for individual questions or whether we take over the complete development from the very beginning.
We have already saved many companies time, nerves and expensive failures.

Why you should work with us

There are many good reasons for a cooperation with us. Customers appreciate our know-how and the expertise we have gained in practice. We have already made enough mistakes when developing with new radio technologies - we save you from them. Others appreciate our agility, which we have despite clear project management structures - we react quickly when it counts. Bidirectional cooperation is not an obstacle for us - transparency and cooperation are important elements for us.

We will also tell you if we cannot do something or if we consider it unrealistic. Be it the technical feasibility, the time schedule or a budget that is too tight. Cooperation at eye level - this also means that we see ourselves as your sparring partner and give you open and honest feedback. We don't tell you fairy tales when project components lie outside our core competence.

Working with us is not about black or white - make or buy - we see ourselves as a complement and support for your in-house development. In many projects, our developers work in a cross-company project team in which everyone contributes their know-how accordingly. After all, you yourself know the requirements of your industry much better than we do. Bluetooth, LoRa, NB-IoT and Co. on the other hand are our area of expertise.

Agile development and flexibility does not mean that we just start developing and see what comes out of it. We plan your project together and our experts provide you with sound estimates of feasibility, duration and costs. There is no point in making false promises - we want your project to be and remain predictable. From the first idea to the roll-out.

If changes to the specification or new requirements result in additional expenditure compared to the initial offer, we will inform you in good time, estimate this additional expenditure and offer this separately. This also ensures transparency of the project costs at any time.