Frequently, there is no network or Internet infrastructure available at the locations of advertising displays, information thefts, vending machines and the like, or they cannot be accessed for technical or legal reasons.

No matter whether it is a large advertising display on the street, a screen in the supermarket, the information display in the bank branch, the cigarette machine around the corner or the ticket machine at the bus stop:

With our LTE Sticks, Routers and individual network solutions from m2m Germany you can easily solve these problems.

  • Independent of location and infrastructure
  • Quick and easy installation without infrastructure measures, nothing is needed except a power outlet
  • Cost-effective, long-term available, industrial solution
  • Worldwide applicable and approved
  • Long-term support and assistance from m2m Germany

Your customers benefit:

  • Absolutely secure, as there is no connection to the customer network
  • Quick, easy installation without interrupting operation
  • No workload for in-house IT

m2m Germany works with you to design the optimal solution for your project and supplies you with the necessary mobile radio and network components. In addition, we support you with the integration and configuration within your application.

Sie profitieren von unserem Expertenwissen rund um die Netzwerk- und Mobilfunktechnik. Zusätzlich können wir gemeinsam mit unserem starken Partnernetzwerk, wenn gewünscht auch entsprechende Datenbanken im Backend-System, individuell auf Sie zugeschnitten liefern, auf denen Sie Ihre Lösung realisieren können. So konzentrieren Sie sich voll und ganz auf Ihr Kerngeschäft und Ihre Kunden.

Relevant for the following industries and target groups:

  • Digital signage providers and system houses
  • Vending and vending machine operators (ticket machines, cigarette and beverage vending machines, access systems, etc.)
  • "Shop in Shop" operator and seller
  • Public transport companies

If you would like to know more about how Internet connections for digital signage projects, POS applications and vending work in practice, then read our use case on "Boundless WLAN in coaches" now.