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A comprehensive product portfolio for a wide range of applications

IoT and m2m applications are implemented with a wide variety of components. That's why we offer a variety of different manufacturers in our m2m IoT store: from gateways and matching antennas to telematics units, mobile routers and IoT sensors. We also have a wide range of embedded modules - whether LoRaWAN, Bluetooth or 5G - we have a versatile range of modules available in the store. You can also book a radio illumination service with us. Of course, we also offer various support services for our product portfolio.

In the following overview you will find all manufacturers and service partners listed in our m2m IoT store sorted alphabetically.

Manufacturer in m2m IoT Shop

Service partner

From value-added distributor to full-service provider

When we advise you on the implementation of an M2M or IoT project, we always act independently of manufacturers. During implementation, the focus is always on the most suitable hardware/software solution for you.

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