LPWAN for Smart Cities

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The Smart City -

Progress through digitization

Digitization is bringing about a comprehensive transformation of society and its structures. It is having a visible impact on all areas of life, be it business and work, education and social affairs, or politics and culture. The digital network plays a decisive role in this process, because the Internet enables information to be exchanged in a matter of seconds, and new technologies are designed to make everyday life easier and offer "smart" solutions. Municipalities cannot ignore this development either. An increasing number of cities are developing concepts and strategies to transform their municipalities into so-called "smart cities.

Cities are to become more efficient, technically advanced, environmentally aware and safer. The question is to what extent suitable IoT technologies can make the future more livable and smart cities have a positive effect on the living environment of citizens.


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Smart buildings

Waste Management

Intelligent street lighting

smart farming

smart logistics

Smart Logistics

Census of persons

Flood early warning system

Weather data

Air quality

A smart city can do more....

  • Smart Waste

    "Smart waste" is the collective term for intelligent waste disposal. Emptying waste garbage cans only when necessary helps to save resources and optimize routes for waste disposal vehicles. In our m2m IoT store, we have provided a wide selection of different fill level sensors for suitable monitoring of waste garbage cans.

  • Smart Buildings

    So-called smart buildings are more profitable for stakeholders and safer and more liveable for residents. The collected building data supports damage prevention, helps to optimize energy consumption and thus saves costs and resources. The networking of a building can be realized easily and reliably with wireless technologies such as LoRaWAN.

  • Environmental data

    In cities, air pollution is generally higher than in rural areas and is harmful not only to health but also to the environment. Monitoring environmental data such as particulate matter pollution can help to evaluate measures to improve urban air quality.

  • Flood protection

    Heavy rainfall and flooding are increasing globally. Continuous monitoring of water levels can reduce the risk of flooding. Digital early warning systems at endangered locations can continuously monitor bodies of water and provide timely warnings before enormous damage occurs. And measures can be initiated in good time.

Why with LoRaWAN?

The secure, intelligent LoRaWAN infrastructure improves business processes and enables the digitalization of many business models. The network is the basis for a wide range of applications in various market segments, in particular for Smart City, Smart Industry, Smart Farming and Smart Building.

Smart City: The city of Giessen is leading the way

Are you interested in the topic of smart cities, but don't know how best to implement the change in practice? We supported Stadtwerke Gießen in planning and setting up a LoRaWAN network. You can find out more about the use case of the measures implemented here.

Reference project: City of Giessen

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