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Would you like to learn more about the IoT, applications and examples, but also about technologies such as LoRa®, NB-IoT, LTE, 5G and their practical benefits and use? Visit one of our open IoT workshops and trainings or book your individually tailored workshop in which we address exactly your requirements and the task in your company.


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Individual IoT workshops and trainings - fast and easy to the solution

We will show you how to get started with our M2M products and solutions, directly based on your task. Contact us and let us jointly design your individual M2M workshop together. Whether you want to operate your own LoRa network, monitor industrial plants remotely or develop your own hardware with technologies such as LTE, NB-IoT or LoRa® - we are there for you and your team.

As a matter of principle, we always tailor our workshops precisely to your needs. We discuss your current level of knowledge and your expectations of the workshop with you in advance. So you can be sure to get exactly the knowledge you need for your project. In addition to the necessary knowledge, you will often take home a hardware layout or an application that you have already started, which you can then continue to work on independently. You save valuable time in the project and do not have to laboriously work out the basics yourself. For better orientation you will find a selection of our workshop program below. The contents can be flexibly combined and adapted. All workshops are available as individual or small group trainings (5-8 persons). Of course, we can also train larger groups upon request. However, experience has shown that workshops with only a few participants (max. 5 people) are the most effective. In addition to training at our own premises near Frankfurt am Main, we are also happy to come to you.


Our next webinars:

  • Partner Webinar: Energy Controlling Made Easy!

    It doesn't matter which industry you are looking at; the topic of energy controlling is present in all of them. The goal is always to optimize the energy efficiency of buildings, plants and processes, to reduce energy costs and to master the energy crisis.

  • When the application drives the IoT technology.

    IoT technologies are the focus of this webinar, because the IoT - the Internet-of-Things is the pace-setter for everything that is under the sign of digitalization.

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A selection of our open and individual IoT workshops and trainings at a glance

IoT Workshop

Are you looking for an entry into the Internet of Things or do you want to make your products more intelligent and network them with each other? We will be happy to advise and support you individually, e.g. on the topics of sensor technology, wireless standards and their application, efficient user data transmission and protocols, low energy designs or energy harvesting. Together we will find the right solution for your company and your products.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you need further information.

LoRa® "Hands-on" Workshop

"How do I set up my own LoRa® infrastructure?" This "hands-on" workshop provides a hands-on introduction and fundamentals to the topic of secure, mobile networking via LoRa®/LoRaWAN™, as well as data management from the data point to the online dashboard to secure, evaluate and display remotely. Learn which of your use cases the Sensing Labs portfolio is best suited for and why. We will show you how to implement your application.
Still during the workshop, each participant creates his own LoRa® infrastructure with gateway and sensor technology with the ready-to-use complete package from Sensing Labs.

Beginner Workshop for the IoT Gateway owa4x

The beginner's workshop provides a hands-on introduction and fundamentals to the topic of secure, mobile networking over the Internet as well as data management from the data point to the online dashboard to secure, evaluate and display remotely. Learn which of your use cases the embedded Linux platform is best suited for and why.
We will show you how to realize your application with our portfolio.
Live demo and "hands-on" part will enable you to implement your own IoT application - from the sensor to the cloud.

Hardware development

RF Design Workshop

The use of radio components is a new topic for you? Learn the ins and outs in this workshop and avoid common mistakes in the application and design-in of radio modules. Because our engineers will show you what to look out for. Depending on the scope of the training, we can already be very specific about your application, so that you return to your workplace with a design already started.

Design Review

You have already created a board layout with one of our radio modules, but still your system does not provide the desired performance? Or you want to verify that your RF design meets the requirements? Our hardware engineers will be happy to review your layout and give you valuable advice to get the best out of your product. We optimize your layout with regard to radio performance and thus ensure the best possible radio characteristics.


You would like us to develop your product or your hardware design completely or partially? Then we support you in a workshop with the creation of the requirements specification. In this way, you ensure an optimal development process. The individual work packages are defined and distributed together and the interfaces are agreed upon. This workshop can be credited to the order value when the development is commissioned from us.

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