LoRaWAN® Network Server

When data becomes solutions

The heart is the server

The LoRaWAN® Network Server(LNS) is the heart of every LoRaWAN® network. There are various providers for so-called connectivity platforms or LoRaWAN® servers. Most of them are certified by the LoRa® Alliance and thus provide the necessary security in terms of interoperability and global availability. LNS are usually designed for enterprise networks and are "enablers" for low power wide area IoT rollouts.

The ability to collect, analyze and transform data impacts every aspect of businesses today. It is the only way to optimize industrial processes and make them more efficient. This requires deep insights to make the right decisions, reduce costs and increase revenue. Companies therefore need solutions that include a flexible, scalable, high-performance platform to enable their digital transformation.

A LoRaWAN® server-based connectivity platform is the appropriate answer. Such LNS servers are typically applicable for all IoT use cases in enterprises, cities, municipalities and communities. The LNS handles the connectivity, management and monitoring of devices, gateways and end-user applications. Data routing via LNS is secure, scalable and reliable across the network. With one LoRaWAN® Network Server, thousands of gateways and millions of devices can be connected.

Discover the components, functions and various deployment models of a LoRaWAN® Network Server today. The range of applications is almost limitless.

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Parking lot control via parking lot sensors, street lighting control as needed, level monitoring in sewers, trash receptacles , lakes, streams, rivers, etc.

One for all! With the LoRaWAN® Network Server
Manage the hardware & analyze IoT data

In a network with many sensors and gateways, it is important that all connected IoT devices are managed, monitored and maintained in one central location. And this is exactly the care that Actility's LoRaWAN® Network Server provides. On the server, the implementation, secure registration, organization, monitoring and remote maintenance of IoT devices happens - without effort and programming knowledge.

Actility's LNS " ThingPark" is designed specifically for enterprises and is a scalable IoT solution that adapts - from proof of concept to widespread roll-out. The collected LoRaWAN® data is received and analyzed in real-time in the network server. Afterwards, these are seamlessly integrated into the respective system landscape and are available to the user.

What is ThingPark Enterprise?

ThingPark Enterprise is an IoT platform designed specifically for enterprises and their IoT projects. To digitize processes so that data actually becomes solutions, companies need powerful, flexible and scalable IoT platforms. ThingPark Enterprise connects sensors, gateways and end-user applications and ensures reliable and secure data routing throughout the LoRaWAN® network.

ThingPark Enterprise is applicable to any enterprise IoT use case, future-proofed and able to grow with individual digital business transformation.

What makes Thingpark Enterprise so interesting for companies?

  • Low infrastructure costs
  • Manageable investment costs
  • On-demand coverage, as a supplement to public networks -> Campus network solutions
  • Scalable system - from PoC to roll-out, the platform grows with you
  • Broad product portfolio: Manufacturer-independent connection of LoRa sensors / gateways possible
  • Opens up new business models

Are you wondering how to implement your IoT application via LoRaWAN®? We provide you with everything from a single source: from the LoRaWAN® server, to sensors, to the commissioning of your LoRaWAN® network. We also measure the optimal gateway locations for you so that your network can deliver the best coverage. Whether a campus network or a LoRaWAN® network solution for cities, communities and municipalities - we are the partner at your side.

LoRaWAN Full Service Provider

Low cost

The open LoRaWAN standard in combination with free operating frequencies and low-cost base stations enables operators to roll out networks within a few months and with minimal investment. In addition, there are very low operating costs compared to mobile communications.


The LoRaWAN standard is based on an open protocol approach managed by the LoRa Alliance, which oversees the development of the standard and ensures interoperability between all LoRaWAN networks.
Provides device interoperability and global availability of LoRaWAN networks for rapid deployment of IoT applications anywhere.


LoRaWAN uses network triangulation to passively locate any LoRa device. This enables new location applications, lower costs and better optimization of battery life - all without "power-hungry" GPS.


Fully bidirectional communication enables a wide range of use cases requiring uplinks and downlinks: for example, street lighting, smart irrigation, energy optimization or home automation.

Long Range

LoRaWAN enables long-range communication (up to 15 km) between sensors and base stations, resulting in networks with 2-3 times fewer base stations compared to cellular. In addition, LoraWAN has high penetration and even reaches low-lying spaces such as basements or underground garages.

Low Power

Transmitting and receiving LoRaWAN data requires low current (less than 50 mA), which dramatically reduces device power consumption and enables battery life of up to 10 years.


Provides end-to-end AES128 encryption, mutual authentication, integrity protection, and confidentiality.

High capacity

Millions of messages are transmitted per base station, thus meeting the requirements of public network operators - promised!
"We wanted to commission a partner from the region. Good consulting as well as vendor and platform independence were important to us. With m2m Germany and the tools we use, we have the possibility to add a lot of value ourselves and are thus also open for cooperation with other municipal utilities or other companies."

Jens Schmidt, Commercial Director of Stadtwerke Gießen AG