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Remote monitoring for machines and plants - worldwide

Manufacturers and operators of machines and plants of all kinds, whether wind power, industrial, biogas or production plants, face the challenge of differentiating themselves from their competitors through proactive service offerings and optimized process flows.

Global access to the status of a machine at any time is expected as standard, especially for industrial and large-scale plant operators - "always online" is the directive for Industry 4.0 and IoT. This requires a suitable remote monitoring solution - even for remote locations, different machine standards and independent of existing infrastructure.

Always know how the machine or plant is doing - 24/7

How would it be if tomorrow you could offer your customers not "just" a machine, but an optimized 24/7 remote service solution and "always online" access - at remote locations and also for existing systems (retrofit)?

  • Significant added value - whether by providing a service or by enabling the customer to make better use of their resources.

  • Predictive Maintainance - Identify maintenance needs and damage to your machines before failures occur.

  • Increase your service revenue while decreasing resource usage.

  • Strengthen your customer loyalty.

  • Use the operating data from the operation for the further development of your machines.

  • A retrofit for existing plants - integrate old and new machines together into one remotely controllable system.

  • Remote management and firmware update "over-the-air

m2m Germany can support you in the design and integration of such solutions

We show you the appropriate components for your remote monitoring solution, provide you with the technical concept and, if desired, take over the corresponding configuration. We are also happy to take care of the individual connection of your machines and systems to a cloud or server solution for data evaluation.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to be involved in the evaluation, presentation and further processing of the data yourself or whether you want us to provide you with a complete solution. Together with our wide network of partners we are able to provide you with a complete solution from one source.

Together with you, we develop a solution that is optimally tailored to your needs. Digitalize your processes with us and gain a competitive advantage and thus increase your customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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use case

If you want to know more about what remote monitoring looks like in practice, read our use case on "Remote monitoring and controlling in the petrochemical industry" now.

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