IoT Track & Trace

IoT Track & Trace for Assets

Production and logistics companies of all kinds face the challenge of addressing the issue of digitization. Intelligent generation, storage and provision of data along the value chain by means of track & trace solutions can make production and logistics processes transparent. The focus is not only on the digitization of the company itself, but also on the networking of all partners involved in the production and logistics process, which generates the greatest benefit - also for your end customer.

What if you could leverage not only your own savings potential through reliable, consistent and transparent production logistics, but also that of your customer?!

  • Transparent production logistics allow the detection of bottlenecks
  • Replenishment supply and production planning can be optimized
  • General problem areas in the process become transparent and can be solved
  • Automatic presence detection or location enables assignment of assets to production steps
  • Stock and empty stocks can be minimized
  • Resources Savings across all processes

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