Smart sensors

Smart sensors - networking sensors via IoT

Whether for silos in the agricultural sector (animal feed, grain, etc.), measuring points in industrial plants, waste garbage cans and containers or containers for consumer goods (raw materials, gases, liquids or medical components) in the logistics cycle, the use of smart sensor technology can optimize the relevant processes. By continuously monitoring the fill levels in feed silos, for example, the replenishment process can be automatically triggered in good time before the feed runs out.

In many of these applications where sensors can deliver added value, their use has not been possible until now for technical or economic reasons. Installation was too complex, cables had to be laid and power connections provided. In addition, the transmission of measurement data generated high costs and was previously only profitable in exceptional cases.

We have the solution for this problem, we network your sensors and provide you with the measured values - locally or worldwide.

  • Increase customer loyalty and your turnover
  • Open up new markets and business models
  • Recognize the consumer behavior of your customers
  • Independent of location and infrastructure
  • Also possible as OEM solution exclusively for you
  • Long-term support and assistance from m2m Germany

Together with you, we develop a solution that is optimally tailored to your needs. Increase your customer loyalty and satisfaction with m2m Germany

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Your customers benefit:


  • Through digitized and optimized processes, e.g. optimized supply through current fill level information
  • From improved product availability with less stock
  • From a better and faster service, e.g. collection of waste containers when certain threshold is reached


m2m Germany conceptualizes with you the optimal solution for your application and based on our construction kit with technologies like Bluetooth, LoRa, NB-IoT and many more as well as our experience we develop together with you the suitable solution.

You benefit from our expert knowledge gained from various IoT and M2M projects in a wide range of industries. In addition, if desired, we can offer you a one-stop-shop solution from housing design to certification together with our strong partner network. This allows you to fully concentrate on your core business and your customers.

Together with you, we develop a solution that is optimally tailored to your needs. Increase your customer loyalty and satisfaction with m2m Germany

Relevant for the following industries and target groups:


  • Manufacturer of sensors of all kinds
  • Manufacturers and operators of meters and measuring equipment
  • Supply and disposal companies that want to optimize/digitize their processes
  • Producers/suppliers of consumer goods who want to optimize/digitize their processes


If you would like to learn more about how smart sensing works in practice, read our use case on "Developing a smart IoT track & trace solution" and "Smart parking management" now.

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