m2m Germany Cockpit

m2m Germany Cockpit:
Get everything out of your data!

No added value without suitable data evaluation

With m2m Germany Cockpit you get an IoT platform that allows you to efficiently monitor and control devices and processes as well as visualize, analyze and log them. Implementing and integrating the devices is child's play and requires minimal time, without any programming knowledge at all.

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your benefits

  • Collect and evaluate sensor data in real time

  • Make processes more efficient

  • Reduce downtime

  • Perform predictive maintenance

  • Save costs

  • Save resources

The m2m Germany Cockpit at a glance

  • Integrations: versatile

    The m2m Germany Cockpit can be adapted to individual customer requirements, is vendor-independent and open, so that sensors and other IoT devices from almost all manufacturers can be connected. End devices from in-house developments can also be implemented using the integrated editor.

    In addition to LoRaWAN, other radio standards and IoT protocols such as NB-IoT, LTE-M, MQTT or HTTP are supported. The most common LoRaWAN network servers are already stored out of the box.

  • The operation: intuitive

    The m2m Germany Cockpit has a clear and intuitively designed dashboard. Predefined templates for various sensors and devices make it easy to add and configure them on the platform.

    The platform can be accessed via any Internet browser - even on mobile devices. An additional app or software is not required for use.


  • Visualization and analysis:
    Clear and understandable

    On the dashboard, you can keep an eye on all measured values at all times. And with the help of the dashboard designer, you can easily customize them and arrange the widgets via drag & drop. Predefined layouts are also available for display on desktop or mobile devices.

  • Range of functions: considerable

    Individual rules and limit values can be defined for all sensors and IoT devices. If the defined normal range is exceeded, the cockpit automatically sends an alarm via SMS or e-mail.

    Anomalies can thus be detected quickly and malfunctions avoided at an early stage. In this way, you increase the quality and efficiency of your processes, reduce downtime and cut costs through predictive maintenance.

    You can also have the recorded data automatically emailed to you on a regular basis as CSV reports.


Inserting floor plans

People Counter

Status display

Intuitive device management

Easy network server integration

Customizable with Node-RED

Also on mobile devices

The m2m Germany Cockpit: For a wide range of applications

In the smart city environment, there are many possible applications for the IoT platform. Data on traffic or people, environmental data, parking lot usage, and energy consumption can be easily analyzed. The analyses can provide helpful insights and promote sustainable city solutions.

  • Air quality measurement
  • Display of filling levels (e.g. of containers, waste garbage cans)
  • Monitoring of water levels (e.g. of water bodies, wells, shafts)
  • Tracking the volume of people and traffic
  • intelligent street lighting
  • Occupancy display

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