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We have the right IoT gateway for your telematics application

A truly open, Linux-based IoT gateway, perfectly suited for any off-highway application such as construction machinery, agricultural machinery, special vehicles but also for on-highway applications such as trucks, buses or electric vehicles? In addition, extremely robust, of the highest quality, available for the long term, individually configurable from a quantity of one and still proven in the market in 6-digit quantities? If this sounds too good to be true for you, you should read on and learn more about our Owasys IoT gateways.

owa5x IoT gateway

The owa5X

The new open quad-core Linux IoT gateway from Owasys is the most powerful generation of Owasys gateways. It is the consistent further development of the owa4X unit. The owa5X is predestined for the most demanding edge computing solutions in off-highway environments and leaves nothing to be desired.

Powerful, robust and flexible

With its powerful processor, large memory, security features and multiple interfaces in a robust IP67 housing, it meets all the requirements of a modern IoT telematics gateway. The standard Debian distribution gives you full flexibility. You can use all Debian repositories and develop in C, C++, Java or Python, among others. Regardless of whether you want to develop yourself or commission us to do so, you remain free to choose your software at all times and are not subject to any system constraints.

The owa5X is a compact on-board unit that enables use even in harsh environments and at extreme temperatures. The unit is available exclusively in a robust plastic housing that can withstand harsh conditions. The box is insensitive to dust and vibration resistant. This makes owa5X suitable for use in road construction, hazardous goods transport and conveyor or industrial plants.

For a wide range of telematics applications

The products of the owa5X family are designed for all telematics applications such as

  • Fleet Management,
  • Electric vehicles,
  • Track & Trace,
  • Logistics,
  • predictive maintenance,
  • Operating data acquisition of movable objects and
  • Asset Management.

Whenever edge computing functions are required in the context of digitalization and Industry 4.0, the owa5X is the appropriate product.

The Owasys Technology

If you are looking for freely programmable Linux-based hardware that is not tied to the service of a specific provider, Owasys telematics units are the right choice. Our long-standing partner has more than 17 years of experience in the production of telematics gateways. And there are still customers today who have been using Owasys devices successfully since 2003. The third generation is now on the market, representing state-of-the-art technology:

The Owasys API

The Owasys API abstracts the application layer from the actual hardware, making you independent of any necessary hardware changes, e.g. due to discontinued components.

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The gateway variants

  • The owa5X is the most powerful generation of Owasys gateways. With its powerful processor, large memory, security features and multiple interfaces in a robust IP67 housing, it meets all the requirements of a modern IoT telematics gateway.

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  • The owa4X variant is designed for use in demanding environments such as construction machinery and special vehicles or even in the mining sector.

    There it can be mounted without additional housing thanks to IP67 protection class.

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  • The owa450/A+ with global LTE Cat. 1 and ITxPT certification is the ideal on-board unit and suitable IoT gateway for automotive applications in the field of trucks, buses, trains, professional e-mobility and special vehicles, and more cost-effective when an IP67 enclosure is not required.

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Your advantages:

  • an absolutely reliable, easy to integrate hardware

  • Experience from 100.000+ gateways in the market

  • Large-series proven technology, also flexibly adaptable to project-specific requirements in small quantities

  • Open Source platform, no vendor lock-in

  • Developer friendly - what runs on a Raspberry Pi, also runs on an Owasys device

  • programmable in C/C++, Shell scripting, Java and Lua, among others

  • Development and production in Spain

  • Extensive certification (CE, E-mark, FCC, PTCRB, A-Tick, RED, ROHS)

  • 100% control of each individual Owasys IoT gateway

Development on the Owasys IoT Gateways

There are three different ways to integrate the Owasys devices and implement your project:

  • "We are very happy that Owasys is our partner for the introduction of our Rexroth Connectivity Unit (RCU). We selected Owasys due to its impressive track record of 17+ years of Linux based Connectivity Unit development. we appreciate the flexible and highly customer-centric working style. "

    Dr. Christian Grabe
    Business Owner Project Digital Business Mobile Hydraulics, Bosch Rexroth

  • "We have been working with M2M Germany for several years as part of our cloud platform. We are thrilled by the compatibility of the various Owasys platforms with each other, which makes the integration of our systems much easier. In addition, we can always rely on M2M's technical expertise and support in the implementation of our ideas. "

    Markus Fick
    CEO, Visy GmbH

  • "We have been using the Owasys devices for our mineral oil logistics solutions since 2003 and appreciate the high quality of the devices and the long-term partnership. In addition, the backward compatibility of their products makes it extremely easy to use the latest hardware technology."

    Deniz Azrak
    Hardware Manager, Lomosoft GmbH a PDI company