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Partner webinar: Effective use of LoRaWAN technology in smart buildings

smart building

Why are LoRaWAN sensors the optimal solution for smart buildings?

In view of climate change and the energy transition, solutions for smart buildings are in high demand. Together with Lyubomir Yanchev, CEO of MClimate, we will give an insight into LoRaWAN technology and examine its advantages for smart buildings compared to other technologies.

We start with a look at the advantages and disadvantages of LoRaWAN and its various applications. We will then focus on practical insights for improving building efficiency.

To the smart building with LoRaWAN

Our partner webinar on smart building focuses on MClimate 's solutions for heating, indoor climate and water.
We will show you how you can make your building more sustainable, efficient and comfortable, especially when it comes to optimizing heating and cooling systems. The same applies to indoor climate monitoring - here the focus is on CO2 monitoring . After all, air quality is a decisive factor for well-being and performance. When it comes to water, the main focus is on solutions for water protection and damage prevention.

We explain how easy it is to set up and commission a LoRaWAN infrastructure. Because once a LoRaWAN network is up and running, there are many possible applications for buildings and more. We will also briefly go into this and give you an overview of the possibilities with LoRaWAN.

Find out how LoRaWAN sensors from MClimate make it possible to save costs, improve the indoor climate and report on ESG metrics.

Discover how any business can use insights into their buildings to automate processes, increase efficiency and open up new revenue streams.
You can also find more information in our webinar overview.

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