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Flood early warning system protects against flooding

Remedy: Sensors measure water levels of water bodies

Heavy rain and flooding in Germany are on the increase. Since the major catastrophe in the Ahr valley, many municipalities and cities have become sensitized in this regard.

Continuous monitoring of water levels can reduce the risk of flooding.

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The situation before

In the past, it happened more and more often that streams and rivers in parts of the Hochtaunuskreis rose to such an extent after heavy rainfall that flooding occurred, including in the town of Neu-Anspach, where the Usa burst its banks.

The city reacted to this and had a flood early warning system installed based on LoRaWAN radio technology. Technology partners were m2m Germany and

Another factor in rising water levels is leaves, branches and other objects that are carried along with the river flow. These can clog the openings of intake structures and basins, preventing water from draining away and causing water levels to continue to rise.

If this goes unnoticed, it further promotes the risk of flooding.

The solution

Wireless sensors were installed at two measuring points along the Usa, including at the entrance to the intake structure, to continuously monitor the water level and send the data to a LoRaWAN antenna, also called a LoRaWAN gateway. From there, the data is relayed to an IoT platform. When preconfigured limits are exceeded, the fire department and public works department are alerted to take appropriate countermeasures.

"With the newly installed sensors, we keep a constant eye on the water levels. This allows us to react adequately to rising water levels, initiate appropriate countermeasures and thus protect our residents from flooding!"

Markus Wolf, Head of Technical Services & Landscape City of Neu-Anspach

Whatever it takes:

  • Early detection of rising water levels
  • Immediate initiation of appropriate measures
  • Remote monitoring eliminates time-consuming control trips
  • Protection of residents from floods and inundations


Future further application possibilities

  • Early fire detection
  • Forward-looking water management
  • Control of heating systems according to demand
  • Measuring indoor climate and air quality in schools and daycare centers
  • Noise measurements on busy roads


Find out what else is possible in municipalities and cities using LoRaWAN radio technology on the "LPWAN for Smart Cities" page.

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Use Case Neu-Anspach

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