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Intelligent vehicle networking via owa4X


System solution for active safety around special and disposal vehicles


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Safety in special and disposal vehicles is the be-all and end-all. Active safety brings the additional plus - not only for the driver, but for everyone: passers-by, citizens and employees. ViSy GmbH develops 3D reversing assistance systems, which serve as a system solution for active safety, around the disposal vehicle. For this purpose ViSy GmbH already uses the embedded Linux based telematics platform owa3X. In driver assistance systems, the telematics platform/telematics unit plays a central role as a hub where all data converge, are coordinated and evaluated. Each assistance system can therefore only be as powerful as the installed unit allows.


ViSy has set itself the task of increasing safety around special vehicles, such as garbage trucks, for citizens and employees to ensure maximum safety. In the course of this, the already existing assistance system is constantly being further developed and adapted to new needs and newly available technologies. In the course of further development, it became apparent that the features of the currently used owa3X could be used for additional concerns such as diagnostic functions were no longer sufficient. ViSy was looking for an extended platform, which offers more freedom in programming, more CAN interfaces and whose performance capacity is generally higher. In addition, the new platform solution had to be as compact as the owa3X, have approval for installation in vehicles, have at least IP67 protection class and, if possible, have all the other features of the owa3X, such as mobile radio, GNSS, Bluetooth Smart/WiFi, programmable sensor technology, etc.

In particular, the platform:

  • Have more CAN bus interfaces
  • Enable a higher data speed for data transfer (3G)
  • And guarantee the accuracy of the GPS signal

Whatever it takes:

  • Increasing safety
  • Reducing development and adaptation costs
  • Connection of the new reverse cadastre function

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