m2m Engineering - Research creates innovation

m2m Germany has been conducting intensive research and development work for years and invests around 12% of its annual turnover in future technologies and applications every year.

In addition to the development of customer-specific products and applications, m2m Germany develops a small number of its own products and solutions, mainly based on Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart and LoRa, as well as NB-IoT.
But m2m Germany is also active in the research of new technologies beyond concrete products and applications. This often happens in cooperation with other companies and/or together with colleges and universities.

Award Innovative through Research | Seal of ResearchOnly companies that demonstrate a special commitment to research and development are awarded the Stifterverbandwith the seal "Innovative through research". Especially for our documented, ZIM funded project: Development of a cloud system for inventory, localization, tracking and securing inventory and people in real time using modern Bluetooth low energy components, we were awarded the research seal of the Stifterverband. The project sponsored in 2014 and the resulting product, them2m Smart TAG, was already awarded several prizes in the following years. For example, the Bluetooth Low Energy TAG won the Innovation Award IT 2015the Telematics Award 2014 and the ITK reader's choice for the product of the year 2014.

In addition to the smart TAG, other products from our development forge were also awarded prizes. Currently we are happy about the awarding of our LoRa /BLE TAG as best product of the LogiMAT2017

Our research projects

At present, a research project is being carried out together with the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund and another project of the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) funding programme within the funding priority "KMU-innovativ - this project is being carried out in cooperation with universities and IT companies.

  • Research project with the FH Dortmund: Development of a low-infrastructure system for indoor location of objects and persons with compatibility to the current smartphone technology.
    In this project, m2m Germany will develop a low-infrastructure indoor positioning system in cooperation with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund. The parameters "temperature and shock load", which are relevant for the logistics chain in many industries, are to be measured and documented. The system will be unique and innovative due to its operation with little or no infrastructure. Compatibility with current smartphone and tablet technology allows operation with a minimum number of permanently installed gateways. Their task of data transmission to a (local)
    network can also take over smartphones or tablets in the future. m2m Germany will develop and provide the hardware components (TAG) in this development project. The FH Dortmund is responsible for the software and thus the processing of the data for localisation and tracking of the "intelligent" objects.
  • Research project with the University of Darmstadt, University of Cologne and SME companies: Development of an exergaming system for testing MIT concepts using the example of Parkinson's Disease (PDExergames).
    The aim is to support patients whose motor skills are limited, e.g. by a stroke or diseases such as Parkinson's, in their rehabilitation. For example, sensors can record the exact movements and deficits can be treated and trained more specifically than in conventional therapies. The research project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and is scheduled to run until 2020.

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