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Smart asset tracking

Spier GmbH & Co Fahrzeugbauwerk KG

Development of a smart IoT track & trace solution


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Optimizing processes starts where something can be done faster, better and with less effort. Optimization has become existential in retail and production. The goal is to reduce production costs and make processes more efficient - digital, smart solutions can accomplish this. If, for example, you always know where which object involved in the manufacturing process is located and when, this can lead to a significant reduction in time and costs.


A manufacturer of vehicle superstructures, for example, has sixty identical vehicles on a 130,000 square meter factory site that have to be transferred from one processing station to the next. Due to the lack of identification, finding a vehicle is time-consuming. However, as soon as a clear assignment is possible thanks to a smart radio sensor, the respective vehicle can be permanently located. The sensor tag itself is not permanently installed in the vehicle, but is simply placed in the driver's cab at the start of construction and can be reused several times. The radio link is established via a long range network installed on the site for this purpose - it sounds like a lot of work, but it's not: a suitably positioned gateway is all that is needed to cover large areas. The vehicle can be located quickly and unambiguously at any time, anywhere on the site, in the production halls and in their surroundings. Mix-ups are impossible. The data that the tags continuously collect and pass on via the LoRa® network flows directly into an IoT software platform, where it is visualized and can be further processed accordingly.

Track and trace of objects:

  • Sensor tags locate the tagged object on the factory premises - each vehicle can be identified at any time
  • All sensor data is centrally consolidated in the IoT software platform
    and can also be accessed via mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Production processes can be better scheduled
  • The Sensor Tag can also be used as a kind of "invisible fence".
    - If a vehicle or object leaves the defined area, this is reported immediately

What it brings:

  • Time saving due to exact location of the object
  • Reduce waiting times at the individual production stations
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Increase safety standards

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