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Municipal utilities Gießen

Stadtwerke Gießen establishes a LoRaWAN® network

Planning and construction of a LoRaWAN® network in the city of Gießen

LPWAN radio technologies are paving the way for the Internet of Things, the IoT. Setting up your own radio network requires relatively little effort and offers operators the networking of a wide variety of sensors. With LoRaWAN® to the Smart City.

Stadtwerke Gießen, the utility company of the university city in central Hesse, commissioned m2m Germany GmbH to support them in the planning, as well as the construction and expansion of a flächendeckendes LoRaWAN® network. The seventh largest city in Central Hesse, with almost 90,000 inhabitants, had clear use cases in focus.

The operation runs

After intensive and successful internal tests, SWG has equipped the first school in Gießen with LoRa-WAN® technology. Here, sensors monitor whether the sports hall is being used and whether its access door is open or closed. A potentially damp workroom located in the basement is permanently monitored for temperature and humidity to counteract possible mold growth.

The future is smart

A decision for LoRaWAN®

Before the first school was equipped, SWG extensively tested various possible applications internally. Energy consumption, movement and occupancy patterns, and smart parking management were all put to the test.

LoRaWAN® is the first step towards a "smart city" for the university town in central Hesse and will help the city to be smarter and more efficient. Because on the way to becoming a climate-neutral municipality, one thing is needed above all else in addition to CO2-free energy: transparency when it comes to energy consumption. And this is precisely where LoRaWAN® will play a central role.


Request advice now and find a solution

LoRaWAN® network in the city: Whatever it takes:
✓ Monitoring of public buildings ✓ Cable-free data transmission
✓ CO2 concentrations measurement ✓ Transparency about consumption
✓ Motion and occupancy detection ✓ Increase energy efficiency

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