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Webinar: Building Management via LoRaWAN is Available On-Demand

LoRaWAN Webinars On-Demand

You missed the participation in our Building Management Focus Webinar : "Adding value to Building Management with LoRaWAN", ?

It doesn't matter, because we usually record our webinars.

Play recording

The recording of the webinar is available for you on-demand on our YouTube channel - whenever your time allows.

In the webinar, we focused on the exciting question of how IoT solutions can be integrated into buildings.

The fact that LoRaWAN sensors can play an important role in this is not new - but the fact that the Wattsense solution is a plug & play multiprotocol hardware solution for integration into building control systems is.

Simply master challenges

The technical management of small and medium-sized buildings poses various challenges for many project and technical facility managers as well as building technicians. Often, the existing building technology is a combination of different systems that cannot be uniformly maintained, controlled, read out or expanded. Wattsense offers a resilient IoT solution that is not only easy to use, but also highly interoperable.

Today's requirements for comfort,CO2 reduction and sustainability in buildings are high and often no corresponding building management system is available. Wattsense helps here with low investment costs to implement the entry into the Internet of Things quickly and without great effort.

If you would like to know more about IoT solutions and LoRaWAN, we will be happy to answer any further questions you may have on the subject of "LoRaWAN in building management" by e-mail or by phone at: +49 (6081) 5873860.

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