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TOPLIST provider of telematics again

Once again, the media group has named us a TOPLIST provider of telematics. This is a signet that we value, as it has shown for years that the telematics solutions we offer are reliable.

With the Signet, our solutions are regarded as high-quality and recommendable for the telematics industry. And the fact that we have already won the Telematics Award twice, and two further nominations for the award, confirms our expertise in this market.

Together with our partners, we are always on the lookout for individually adapted solutions - for just about every telematics scenario. We make use of all available technologies in order to always be able to offer the right solution for our customers.

Whether intelligent vehicle networking, asset track & trace - for example via LPWAN and other radio technologies, construction machinery monitoring or fleet management - we will find the right solution.

Take a look at our telematics portfolio , ourreference cases or download our whitepaper on "Urban Mobility".
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We offer a wide range of telematics solutions

Our telematics portfolio offers exciting solutions. From ultra-small GPS trackers, to construction machinery monitoring, to long-term monitoring/location without power supply in extreme environments. Goods or people tracking - indoors as well as outdoors - m2m Germany has the necessary know-how as well as the appropriate hardware. We offer solutions for special vehicles, tree machines, goods transport or rail vehicles - even bicycle tracking is not foreign to us - you determine the application and we find the solution. We are very enthusiastic about our fused multi-technology geolocation devices - sounds complicated - but it is not at all. With this customized, barrier-free IoT tracking solution, we combine Quuppa & LoRaWAN for the first time and can map countless application scenarios in no time - such as asset tracking and asset management indoors and outdoors, factories, resource tracking, theft prevention, warehouse logistics, fleet management, people tracking and much more.

  • IoT gateways of a special kind

    A truly open Linux-based IoT gateway, perfectly suited for any off-highway application such as construction machinery, agricultural machinery, special vehicles, but also for on-highway applications such as trucks, buses or electric vehicles? In addition, extremely robust, of the highest quality, available for the long term, individually configurable from a quantity of one and still proven in the market in 6-digit quantities? If this sounds too good to be true for you, you should read on and learn more about our Owasys IoT gateways.

  • Router for telematics & co

    Telematics routers must meet a wide range of requirements. Be it for use in special vehicles or for rail transport. Every application needs a corresponding solution. With our router portfolio from our partner NetModule, we are able to cover just about any scenario - whether passenger WLAN or driver communication - use in harsh environments or in critical infrastructure - we will find the right solution for your telematics application.

  • Diverse track & tracing solutions

    Tracking objects outdoors or indoors often presents numerous challenges. When choosing the right indoor or outdoor tracking technology, many different factors come into play depending on the application. While some applications require pinpoint accuracy, others require more basic knowledge of an object's presence within a defined space. That's why we offer a wide range of tracking devices and solutions.

You are not sure whether you have found the right solution for you in this small selection? Would you like to discuss the solution you are looking for with us? Then don't hesitate and simply get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Consulting for my telematics solution

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