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Winner of the ITC election 2015

The Blue-450 Smart from m2m Germany wins funkschau readers' choice "ICT Product of the Year 2015

The funkschau reader's choice is considered one of the largest B2B surveys in the ICT industry. A total of almost 45,000 votes were cast in 16 categories. Over 180 top products were up for election.

The winning product in the M2M Solutions category also comes from the forge of m2m Germany this year - the Blue-450 Smart. The award-winning Bluetooth USB stick is the youngest member of the m2m "Connectivity Family" and has a range of up to 450m. Due to its excellent link budget and an integrated Bluetooth radio, micro controller as well as a matching software stack, the USB stick is a complete Bluetooth Smart solution.

Independent and flexible

Another special feature is Bluegiga's own Bluetooth Smart Stack, which makes the use of Windows Bluetooth drivers and stacks unnecessary. Users are no longer dependent on the Bluetooth stack of the operating system, but can communicate directly with up to eight Bluetooth devices simultaneously via a virtual serial COM port. Even notebooks that no longer have a serial port are given a defined interface to the Bluetooth application via USB thanks to the Blue-450 Smart Stick. The Blue-450 Smart supports both master and slave modes.

First-class HF performance

With +8 dBm transmit power and a sensitivity of -98 dBm, the Blue-450 Smart guarantees first-class RF performance with minimum power consumption and maximum range. The outstanding link budget of 106dBm, which is unique worldwide, predestines the Blue-450 Smart for long range RFID/Beacon applications. With integrated Bluetooth radio, micro-controller and software stack, the USB stick is a complete Bluetooth Smart solution. The very robust Blue-450 Smart operates in an industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and is available for long-term use.

Multifunctional use

Due to the compatibility with current tablets and smartphones, the application possibilities are almost limitless. The USB stick is suitable for home and building technology or commercial and industrial automation as well as for logistics and inventory. It can also be used in positioning systems. The Blue-450 Smart is also suitable for use in medical environments. Most importantly, the stick allows up to eight devices to work together simultaneously. Something that is particularly interesting for medical sensors, wearables and the like.

"With our Long Range BLE stick, we are primarily addressing users in industry, logistics and merchandise management or in the medical sector. Conceivable is the use in hospitals, laboratories or care facilities or other healthcare facilities."

Michael Nickolai, Managing Director of m2m Germany

With a Blue-450 Smart Stick attached to the computer, a doctor, for example, immediately has all the data in his software and thus on the monitor that is sent by the Bluetooth devices attached to the patient. This applies both during a visit to the doctor's office and for the transmission of patient data via cloud from home. Likewise, this vital data can be transmitted via Internet connection to the smartphone or PC of family members providing care.

Increases efficiency and reduces costs

Another scenario would be the use in warehouse logistics and telematics. In a large warehouse, for example, there is one or more PCs. A stick from the m2m Connectivity Family, for example the Blue-450 Smart, is attached to the computer. This receives all relevant data of a passing forklift truck, which is equipped with a Bluetooth gateway. Thus, all driver data and vehicle data are immediately available. Likewise, employees in larger warehouses or fleets benefit. Hand-held scanners are increased by a range five to six times greater than conventional devices. The interaction of merchandise management and warehouse logistics systems via smartphone and tablet is also optimized, enabling even more flexible action and increasing the efficient use of goods and personnel.

Other application areas for the Blue-450 Smart and the other members of the m2m Connectivity Family are: Sports/Fitness, Automotive Diagnostics, Home Automation, Entertainment, Wearable Connectivity, Anti-Theft, Remote Control, and many more.

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