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Fire prevention with LoRaWAN sensors

Everyone is familiar with the saying "Where there's wood, there are chips", but in a sawmill this has a completely different meaning. This is because chips, such as those produced by a chipper, are a dangerous source of fire when combined with hot-running shaft bearings.

Together with project partners Efficiency Systems and Laird Connectivity, a fire prevention system was implemented at the Schechter sawmill in Owingen.

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Recognize fire hazards before damage occurs

In the sawmill, wireless sensors from Laird Connectivity were installed at potential danger points such as the bandsaw motor, the heating distributor, the control cabinet of the debarking system and directly on the bandsaw. They record the temperature around the clock. The data is forwarded to the IIoT platform DAPONA via LoRaWAN using a LoRaWAN gateway. Efficiency Systems is the official DAPONA sales partner for Germany, Austria and all other EU countries.

This cloud-based solution not only displays values in real time, but also alerts you before any damage occurs. The alarm is triggered according to freely definable rules.

As soon as any adjustable threshold values are exceeded or undercut, DAPONA:Fireprevention sends an alarm e-mail, triggers a call and can also activate warning lights, sirens, etc.

The shaft bearings on chippers can also be monitored in this way. If the temperature exceeds 90°C, an alarm and a multi-stage escalation chain are triggered. This means that fires in the sawmill can be prevented before they start.

Further solutions for fire prevention exist in the area of motor monitoring (silo extraction, oil loss from compressors, etc.). The solution is scalable and self-monitoring. It helps to prevent fires and enables preventive action to be taken in good time. Laird's sensors therefore form an important basis that is required to complete IoT solutions.

"The robustness and excellent antenna technology ensure a highly reliable database in this harsh environment."

Thilo Heffner, computer scientist and CEO Efficiency Systems

What it brings

  • Prevent fires before they start
  • Reduce false alarms from smoke/fire detectors and sprinkler systems
  • Report machine/heating failures and Align maintenance with demand
  • Cost-effective + ready for immediate use: no complex installation and implementation required thanks to wireless sensor technology and IIoT platform
  • Can be extended as required: (e.g. water ingress, vibration, pressure monitoring, humidity, intrusion, etc.)
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