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Cable drum tracking with Quuppa, GPS & LoRaWAN®.

Seamless interaction of different radio technologies
for indoor & outdoor localization

"Search instead of find" is often the motto when it comes to locating cable drums - especially on depots, large construction sites or other large areas, a lot of time is lost in the search.

A customized tracking solution can save time and money.

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The situation

Everyone has seen them - huge cable drums that are usually found on large construction sites. Few can imagine that they can simply disappear, either because they have been deposited in the wrong place, are on their way from the depot to the construction site or, in the worst case, have been stolen. The result was often a tedious search and, not least, financial losses.

To put an end to the search and to always have the material in view, something had to be done.

The requirements

The idea for a tracking solution was born. However, this had to meet special requirements:

  • Tracking should work with GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as well as LoRaWAN.
  • The system to be developed was to function on the company's own operating and logistics yard in indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Accuracy of location should be less than one meter on site.
  • It should also be possible to locate the cable drums during transport on their way to the site or construction site and ultimately at the destination site itself.

The solution

After the company contacted m2m Germany, the implementation from the drawing board to the final product took only a few months. The basis was a tracker from the company Abeeway. However, since its design was not suitable, m2m Germany developed a housing design adapted to the cable drums.

The software solution was implemented in cooperation with partner Actility and Quuppa, a leading technology provider for real-time location systems (RTLS) and indoor positioning systems (IPS).

Thanks to the multi-location technology, the developed solution can cover all desired features - be it accurate location on the premises or presence location desired for construction sites, both indoor and outdoor.

Whatever it takes:

  • Accurate location of cable drums at any time, whether on the premises, the construction site or during transport
  • Enormous time savings, as tedious searching is no longer necessary
  • Optimized and faster processes
  • Battery life possible up to 10 years with continuous use


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Use Case "Cable Reel Tracking

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