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Remote monitoring during prototype development

Remote monitoring - more efficiency in prototype development


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Production processes should be effective and efficient. To achieve these goals, it is necessary to monitor the procedures within the process and adjust them if necessary.


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In remote monitoring, statistical data of the process to be monitored or of a plant involved in the process is collected, stored and corresponding data access is enabled. Access to the data can be permanent or temporary and can take place remotely. Only optimally coordinated processes are economically viable and lead to the desired effects.


Time is a crucial factor in the developer scene. New car types have to be tested intensively - usually for 12 months and in 24/7 operation. The faster and more optimally test results and measurement data can be evaluated, the better and faster a development can "reach market maturity".

Remote monitoring:

  • Remote monitoring transmits measurement data in real time or interval-controlled - there is no need for manual data transfer when changing drivers.
  • All collected data is simultaneously available to various departments, both nationally and internationally - no more loss of time at the internal communication level.
  • Problems detected early can be responded to more directly and inadequate test results can be repeated more quickly.

Whatever it takes:

  • Increasing efficiency
  • Reduction of development costs
  • Optimized test phase
  • Faster "time-to-market

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