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Simple implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive

  • Do you want to comply with the EU Energy Efficiency Directive?
  • Do you want to keep an eye on your energy and water consumption?
  • Billing-relevant data collection via remote meter reading is your topic?
  • Would you like to manage your consumption efficiently with your heat meter?
  • Would you like to implement all this with LoRaWAN?

Then we have the right solution for you: m2m Germany, IMST & ROCK5!

"Together for tomorrow" is the motto of our overall package.


Your solution is our complete package

In cooperation with IMST and ROCK5, we can offer a comprehensive solution for compliance with the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

The current Energy Efficiency Directive, which has been in force since December 2018, sets the target of reducing both primary energy consumption and final energy consumption at EU level by 32.5% by 2030. The reduction values are based on measurements from 2007, which were used as a basis for estimating the expected energy consumption in 2030.

In Germany, the EU directive corresponds to the Energy Efficiency Act (EnEfG), which was passed in November 2023.

There are many different requirements for achieving the objectives of the EU directive.

Among other things, the directive stipulates that in future consumption data from electricity, gas and water meters should be read remotely. New technologies and solutions are needed to achieve this goal. LowPowerWideAreaNetwork radio technology is a suitable technology for this - LoRaWAN in particular is ideal for this. In combination with the appropriate hardware and software, the implementation of the remote reading directive can be realized with little effort. We have therefore teamed up with strong partners to create a comprehensive solution:

  • m2m Germany plans and implements the IoT infrastructure (LoRaWAN network) tailored to your application - from the sensor to the gateway.
  • IMST provides the appropriate WM-BUS Range Extender or the iOKE868 Smart Metering Kit to collect all data from consumption meters and forward it to the LoRaWAN network.
  • And ROCK5 provides the IoT platform that sends all recorded measurement data directly to your billing system or your customer's system.

Three strong solution partners

  • From the sensor via the wireless network to the application

    You want to implement smart energy management and metering and are planning to use the iOKE868 LoRaWAN®-smart metering kit or a wireless WM-Bus range extender?
    Then it makes sense to use a LoRaWAN
    ® full serviceservice provider. Get started with into the Internet of Things (IoT) with our support and digitize your or your customers' business processes.of your customers. We implement your project. We cover everything - from wireless network planning and sensors via the LoRaWAN® Network Server through to the application.

    Once the LoRaWAN® infrastructure is in place, a wide range of applications open up that can also be covered via LoRaWAN can be covered: Building monitoring, water level monitoring, CO2 measurement, intelligent street lighting and much more.

    We support you in the concept development, planning, project planning, installation and operation of your
    ® IoT solution

    - LoRaWAN® Consulting
    - Radio network planning
    - LoRaWAN
    ® Network Server
    - LoRaWAN®-gateways
    - LoRaWAN®-sensors
    - LoRaWAN®-antennas


  • Perfect match - IoT platform and WM-BUS or iOKE868

    The Wireless M-Bus Range Extender is a compact and cost-effective device that collects wireless M-Bus messages from consumption meters and forwards them to a LoRaWAN® network.

    This device acts as a bridge between the WM-Bus and LoRa® and enables flexible configuration of calendar events for WM-Bus reception intervals and status messages as well as device filtering by manufacturer ID and device ID (whitelist).

    The configuration can be managed Over-The-Air (OTA) via LoRa® messages or via a wired serial interface.

    IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS of the WM-BUS Range Extender:
    - IP68 waterproof housing with pressure equalization membrane
    - OMS compatible
    - Secure data transmission
    - Long range with LoRa® (>10 km LoS)
    - 32 calendar events and 32 WM bus Device filter freely configurable
    - Deadline readout (walk-by) via integrated calendar
    - Ultra-low power consumption for long battery life (>10 years)
    - Intelligent filtering of duplicate packages
    - Remote configuration over-the-air (OTA) or via cable

    You can also get started with smart metering with the iOKE868 LoRaWAN kit - it couldn't be easier.

    The iOKE868 smart metering kit utilizes the long range range and low power consumption of LoRa®to provide real-time data monitoring of energy consumption.

    It "understands" SML and IEC62056-21 formats, which are used by most standard consumption or generation meters (electricitymeters (electricity, photovoltaic systems, water, gas, heat, etc.).

    - SML and IEC62056-21 formats compatible
    - 32 calendar events and 32 OBIS filters freely configurable
    - Simple confi guration via PC tool or remoteconfi guration via LoRaWAN®
    - As tested, a high range with LoRa® (>10 km LoS)
    - Secure data transmission
    - Ultra low power consumption for long battery battery life
    - Readings at defined reference dates
    - Optional direct mode (infrared to local USB interface)

  • The IoT platform for your metering application & remote meter reading

    The IoT platform from ROCK5 communicates with the IMST wireless M-Bus RangeExtender and the iOKE868 LoRaWAN smart metering kit. The platform provides you with an overview of all relevant data from your measuring devices.

    The measurement data is sent directly to your billing system or that of your customer. The ROCK5 IoT platform supports the LPWAN standards LoRaWAN® and NB-IoT.
    It allows you to keep an eye on your IoT devices and sensors live. This also includes data that you need to plan maintenance work on site, saving you unnecessary trips (predictive maintenance).
    The ROCK5 service and support services are bindingly regulated in a service level agreement (SLA) and can be individually adapted to your needs.

    The combination of hardware and the ROCK5 IoT platform is ideal for automated remote meter reading, home and building automation, industrial monitoring and control, smart city scenarios and IoT applications in general.

    - Remote configuration of the IMST WM-Bus Range Extenthe & the iOKE868 LoRaWAN® Smart Metering Kit
    - Decoding of WMBus datagrams
    - Easy management of thousands of IoT devices
    - Battery and signal quality monitoring
    - Simple connection to existing LoRaWAN
    - Transparent pricing model for full cost control

    - ISO27001 certified data center
    - Fully DSGVO and GDPR compliant
    - Service and support
    - SLA for uptime and response time
    - Predictive maintenance
    - Planning of maintenance jobs in advance

Together for tomorrow

Your advantages with our solutions:

  • Setting up a LoRaWAN infrastructure - from gateway site planning to the sensor
  • Connection to the established LoRaWAN infrastructure
  • Remote configuration of the IMST Range Extender
  • Decoding of WMBus datagrams
  • Simple management of thousands of IoT devices
  • Battery and signal quality monitoring
  • Transparent pricing model for full cost control


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Energy supply

Well positioned for the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) with remote reading

Remote reading is a technology that allows consumption data from electricity, gas and water meters to be read remotely from the meter. This can be beneficial for companies and organizations that must comply with the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and the Heating Costs Ordinance, as it allows them to closely monitor and analyze their energy consumption.

In this way, they can identify potential savings and take measures to reduce their energy consumption and increase energy efficiency.
However, it is important to note that the use of remote metering technology alone is no guarantee that the EED targets will be met.
It is also necessary to implement energy-efficient technologies and measures and reduce energy consumption in other ways.

In addition to remote meter reading, numerous other sensors can be integrated into the network with an established LoRaWAN infrastructure, which can contribute to greater building and energy efficiency and thus help to achieve the EED.

Simply let us advise you - together we will find the right solution for you.

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