• 450 MHz radio network for crisis-proof communication

    In the course of the energy transition, the challenges for energy and water suppliers are becoming increasingly diverse, such as decentralized and irregular electricity feed-in from renewable energies,...

  • Toplist Telematics 2024

    2024 TOPLIST Telematics

    We have once again been awarded the TOPLIST Telematics Provider seal! We passed the annual audit by the expert jury of the telematics market with flying colors.

  • webinar MClimate

    Partner webinar: Effective use of LoRaWAN technology in smart buildings

    Why are LoRaWAN sensors the optimal solution for smart buildings? In view of climate change and the energy transition, solutions for smart buildings are in great demand.

  • ew2024

    m2m Germany exhibits at embedded world 2024

    embedded world 2024: The world of embedded systems is multifaceted - from hardware and software to services and tools. The embedded world...

  • owa5X IoT gateway can now also be integrated into Software AG

    The proven owa4X and owa450 telematics units have long been supported by Software AG and can be seamlessly integrated into them. Owasys announced in...

  • Less energy consumption thanks to automatic heating control

    The Osan Birthplace is not only a very personal project, because it is a "family project" of our Managing Director in the broadest sense, but it also presented itself...

  • Remote meter reading solution package

    Simple implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive

    Do you want to comply with the EU Energy Efficiency Directive? Do you want to keep an eye on your energy and water consumption? Do you want to collect billing-relevant data via remote meter reading? Would you like to...

  • Fire prevention with LoRaWAN sensors

    Everyone is familiar with the saying "where the chips fall, the wood shavings grow", but in a sawmill it has a completely different meaning. Because chips,...

  • LoRaWAN current sensor Harvy2: deZem launches new variant

    Just over a year ago, deZem launched its HarvyLR self-powered battery-free LoRaWAN current sensor. The 1-phase IoT current sensor is designed to detect...


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