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Intelligent street lighting for the smart city

Smart city starts with smart street lighting

An efficient digital infrastructure, public WLAN, readily available electric charging stations - these are typical factors that make cities attractive for companies and residents - especially for young people.

All of this can be subsumed under the buzzword "smart city. It's about networking and efficiency, about a better quality of life, and about lower costs for the municipality.

A first step on the way to a smart city is intelligent lighting control (smart lighting). This means nothing other than operating streetlights with individually configured lighting times and adapted light levels; streetlights that will dim the lights in the future and save electricity, protecting the environment and animals. Or to put it in a nutshell: Sufficient light is available exactly where the inhabitants need it. Elsewhere, consumption will be reduced.
In the long run, this kind of lighting can save up to 60 percent of energy costs. The lanterns make an important contribution to environmental protection and protect insects, birds or bats from permanent exposure to light.

Furthermore, smart lighting poles are suitable for additional functions that form the backbone for the next digital steps of the future. In the future, street lighting could optionally serve as public WLAN, public charging stations for e-vehicles and pedelecs as well as emergency call facilities in some places. The technology would thus enable a building-independent expansion of public WLAN and charging infrastructure.

Remote control of the city lighting network

The installation of an intelligent street lighting system is a modern solution that brings environmental and economic benefits to the city. Moreover, it is an investment with quick return. The device collects power measurement data and transmits it to the application server via LoRa network. The module allows to configure the lighting time and level in defined periods.

Optimise and save

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