Develop your tailor-made IoT solution with us

You want to make your product IoT-capable? Centrally manage and easily read out important data wirelessly or control functions and updates remotely? We not only supply the right components for your IoT project, we also advise you and work with you to develop a tailor-made solution for your company! In doing so, we make sure that the solutions that fit your needs can be integrated quickly and smoothly and are configured accordingly. Our team of specialists accompanies you in every phase of the project.

Our services at a glance:

  • quickly and cost-effectively check concept and feasibility
  • significantly reduces the risk of expensive and time-consuming undesirable developments
  • Prototype construction on the basis of standard components
  • Hardware design and board layout
  • low power designs
  • Design Review of your own layout
  • Prototyping
  • Firmware Development
  • Micro Controller Programming
  • Integration of all common cloud and platform solutions
  • Thingsboard, Cumulocity, MS Azure and many more.
  • Adaptation of the data formats
  • Apps for Android and IOS
  • Service tips for configuration, commissioning and firmware update
  • Customer specific APPs as OEM version in your CI
  • Support until the desired approvals / certifications are achieved
  • on request we recommend suitable laboratories
  • Creation of Test Firmware
  • Accompaniment of the measurements on site in the laboratory by our developers if necessary
  • Safety for your application in productive use
  • individual service agreement according to the project requirements
  • Maintenance and bug fixes
  • Support from our experienced project developers
  • defined reaction times

Future-proof order development

Our interdisciplinary development team supports you in the development of your own products and applications. From hardware design, selection of suitable components, prototyping, firmware development and micro controller programming to system certification, we are your reliable partner. "Everything from one source", is our motto.

In the embedded area we work predominantly with Linux. The programming of micro controllers in C, C++ or also on systems like Raspberry Pi, Arduino and similar, is very familiar to our engineers in order to quickly prove the feasibility by proof of concept.

  • ARM Cortex M0, ARM Cortex M3 and ARM Cortex M4 families
  • EFM32
  • EFR32 Family
  • 8051 Family

Here's how we proceed:

In a free initial meeting we will discuss your project together and estimate how we can support you. Depending on how far you have already progressed in your planning and which documents you can provide us with (ideally, we need a description of your use case and a specification sheet / rough specification / requirements catalogue as well as your time schedule for the development), we can make you a non-binding offer on this basis or we can work out the necessary basics in a joint workshop. Within this workshop, requirements and procedures are developed. Thus you have a good cost framework for your project as a basis for calculation right from the start. Of course, this can also change during the course of the project if the specifications are changed, but usually you will be able to keep your budget.

  • Description of your use case
  • Requirement specification, rough specification or catalogue of requirements
  • Scheduling

With our interdisciplinary development team we work in an agile project management and use Kanban, Scrum or even an individual mixture of both, depending on the type and scope of the project. All our projects are planned on a weekly basis. Within this week the specifications of the project cannot be changed. At the end of each week, a comparison is made and any changed requirements can be taken into account the following week. At the same time the requirements catalogue / specification is continuously updated.

This approach ensures that both targeted, efficient work on the overall solution is possible and that any necessary adjustments can be made at short intervals.

If changes to the specification or new requirements result in additional expenditure compared to the initial offer, we will inform you in good time, estimate this additional expenditure and offer this separately. This also ensures transparency of the project costs at any time.

As tools we use Jira for project management, Confluence for documentation and Bitbucket for software versioning. Within the scope of the cooperation in the project you can get access to these tools from us in order to be up to date at any time, to set new requirements and to issue the acceptance for completed work packages.

If you have preferences for other tools, we can also arrange this individually.

In addition, we arrange a digital project meeting at regular intervals in order to jointly monitor progress and discuss any changes that may arise.

After completion of the development we hand over the compiled firmware, schematics, Gerber data and the documented source code. Here again, a joint project completion workshop is an ideal opportunity. You have full control over your project and we enable you to continue it independently. There are no dependencies.

Of course, we are also happy to accompany and support the lifecycle of your product after development is complete, within the framework of an SLA tailored to your individual needs.

Your advantages:

  • Fast results
  • Transparency at all times regarding the process and status
  • Fast reaction to new requirements and changes
  • Thereby high quality and avoidance of expensive errors