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m2m Germany is a "certified partner" of elvaco

elvaco certified partner

The "perfect match" between elvaco and m2m Germany enters the second round. With the award "certified partner" m2m Germany is considered a competent consultant for elvaco products.

The official handover of the "certified partner" plaque took place at this year's E-World Energy & Water 2022. In the cross-booth showcase, m2m Germany was able to demonstrate its expertise for products from Elvaco live.

The comprehensive knowledge of the most common carrier technologies, metering interfaces and fieldbus protocols in combination with Elvaco products enables m2m Germany to implement highly individual projects for municipal utilities, energy suppliers, metering point operators and other services within the energy sector.

With the innovative solutions from elvaco and m2m Germany, energy suppliers and submetering companies receive comprehensive support. From the initial project idea to the roll-out.

Support, operational & application support

Basic support for products purchased from us is a matter of course for m2m Germany. This naturally includes the corresponding knowledge of the various partner products. Due to intensive training and a pronounced hands-on mentality, the technical team of m2m Germany develops a broad knowledge base for each new cooperation partner in order to be able to actively support customers.

With often very complex solutions, there are always technical questions that go far beyond normal product support. Pure product knowledge is usually not enough. It is much more important to see the whole picture in order to implement the respective application in a target-oriented way.

Our goal is to always offer services and support that are tailored to our cooperation partners.

Conception & individual development

And should there still be no suitable product solution to choose from, or perhaps it doesn't even exist on the market yet, then we will develop your customised IoT solution for you.

Whether in cooperation with partners, within the framework of a funded project or as a normal contract development. We implement your solution.

"There's no such thing as can't" is a casually formulated guiding principle, but if we realise that a solution cannot be implemented from an economic point of view or is not feasible from a purely technical point of view, then we say so - quickly and directly.

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