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People counting indoors: a key to intelligent room and workplace utilization

Room occupancy

In the modern world, where the optimization of space and resources is becoming increasingly important, indoor people counting plays a crucial role. This technology, made possible by advanced sensors and data analysis, is increasingly being used in a variety of areas, from offices to public facilities.

What is people counting?

People counting is the process of recording and analyzing the number of people present in a particular space. This technology uses sensors or cameras to record the presence and movement of people in real time. Modern systems can not only count how many people enter or leave a room, but also recognize and analyze patterns in their usage.

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Practical applications of people counting

To further illustrate the relevance of people counting, we will now look at some specific use cases where this technology plays a key role:

Efficient space planning in office buildings: For facility managers, people counting provides valuable data on the use of office space. By understanding peak times and trends, rooms can be allocated and used more efficiently. This leads to cost savings and an improved working environment.

Optimization of energy management: By knowing the exact room occupancy, building automation systems can be designed more efficiently. Lighting, heating and cooling can be dynamically adjusted to save energy while ensuring optimum comfort for those present.

Increased safety and emergency response: In emergencies, such as fires or other safety threats, people counting can be life-saving. Quick information about the number of people in each area of the building can help emergency services to better plan and execute their operations.

Improving the customer experience in retail stores and venues: In retail, analyzing customer flow can help optimize store layouts and improve customer service. For venues, monitoring visitor numbers enables better control over capacity and compliance with safety regulations.

Flexible workplace design and hot desking: In the era of hybrid working, people counting can help to effectively implement the concept of hot desking, where employees choose workstations based on current availability. This not only promotes flexibility, but also encourages collaboration and sharing in the office.


People counting and room occupancy monitoring with LoRaWAN offer an efficient solution for collecting real-time data on the presence and movement of people in buildings. By using LoRaWAN, a low-power wide-area network, sensors can also be operated cost-effectively and energy-efficiently in large or structurally complex buildings.

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Responsible use of resources

The use of people counting in indoor spaces opens up a multitude of possibilities for the intelligent design of our working and living spaces. From making more efficient use of office space to improving security protocols. It helps to reduce energy consumption and use resources more efficiently. The applications are diverse and offer significant benefits. Companies wishing to introduce this technology should ensure that they plan the implementation carefully and always take ethical and data protection aspects into account.

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