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Remote maintenance system for vehicles and construction machinery


Remote maintenance system INSIGHT works with owa4X Telematics Unit


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We are pleased that SUNCAR is using the INSIGHT remote maintenance system for manufacturers and operators of commercial vehicles and machines in conjunction with the owa4X platform from Owasys.


Operators of vehicle fleets or construction machinery want to be able to check the location, general status and other vehicle data of their vehicles and machines at any time. With SUNCAR HK's INSIGHT remote system, operators can monitor their conventionally or electrically powered vehicles and machines in the cockpit, dashboard or on a map.

Operating data such as operating hours, charging status or tank level can be checked intuitively and efficiently from a distance. The map view provides an immediate overview of the current GPS positions and distances covered by the machines or vehicles. Characteristic data of diesel and electric vehicles can be compared online, enabling benchmarking. Reliable communication via the mobile network enables live support, such as problem analysis and troubleshooting or even software updates for network-enabled control units. The prerequisites for smooth operation for this are access to the CAN bus of the vehicles, GPS and mobile phone reception. In addition, the hardware must be suitable for the harshest conditions and be waterproof and dustproof. These are high performance requirements for the corresponding telematics unit. The owa4X platform from Owasys meets them all!

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