Winner of the Innovation Award IT 2015

Logo Winner Innovation Award IT 2015

The winners of this year's IT INNOVATION AWARD of the Initiative Mittelstand were announced at the CeBit trade fair in Hanover. Since 2004 the Initiative Mittelstand has been awarding this renowned prize. With this award, it promotes innovative products and solutions that are characterized by a particularly high benefit for medium-sized companies.

In the AutoID /RFID category, m2m Germany was one of the lucky winners of the signet. The winning product was once again the m2m Smart TAG, which has already won several awards.

Ralf Schoula and Michael Nickolai with prizeThe m2m Smart TAG extends the m2m Germany Bluetooth portfolio and offers the market a BLE "all-rounder". With an integrated motion and temperature sensor and a range of up to 450m, the TAG is perfectly equipped for the requirements of IoT.
Small, clever and smart, it masters numerous challenges, be it in terms of iBeacon® applications, access and presence monitoring, indoor and outdoor location, inventory, location-based marketing scenarios and much more.

Winning this competition with a product from our own development department - sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)* - once again demonstrates the high innovative strength of m2m Germany GmbH and its excellent understanding of how to translate customer requirements into practical solutions.

Counterfeit-proof and globally applicable

The m2m Smart TAG is based on the Bluetooth 4.0 specification - also called Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The fully configurable TAG has an authentication function via out-of-band pairing, is tamper-proof and has a motion sensor capable of detecting manipulation attempts. Status data is transmitted in advertising packages at dynamically adjustable transmission intervals, which provide information about the object to be tracked. The TAG automatically reports its identification number, temperature, movement and acceleration data, as well as battery status and position, at intervals of seconds. The underlying network technology enables an almost unlimited number of connected / integrated units in a network. The network is scalable, can be used globally and is encrypted on all communication levels (AES128, SSL, etc.)

Ready for operation upon delivery

The m2m Smart TAG is ready for operation at delivery. It is switched on via a magnetic field sensor inside. If a magnet is held close above the m2m Smart TAG, it starts to send out advertisements and is active. It can then be configured over-the-air via the Bluetooth Smart Interface. The initial configuration is carried out at the factory via PC and is customer-specific. After the first power-on, the system runs autonomously! Each TAG can be configured remotely and can therefore be used again and again - depending on the application requirements. In addition, the TAG is compatible with all common smartphones and thus App-compliant, i.e. the customer can get a tailor-made App for it or develop one himself.

Product BLE TAg

Reduces costs

The BLE-TAG can be quickly integrated and is ready for use. Monitoring, protection against theft and improper handling or misconduct are registered. This results in an efficient deployment planning of man and machine. Wear and maintenance intervals can be optimized. The result is a reduction in costs for personnel, machines and equipment. The range of applications is broad and ranges from optimized warehouse utilization, inventory, medical care or security scenarios to telematics and location-based marketing applications.

*Promoted by: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) Logo ZIM
Having regard to the decision of the German Bundestag

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