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Smart positioning solutions - precise indoor and outdoor positioning with LoRaWAN, Quuppa & Co

Smart tracking solution

Smart tracking solutions

Positioning via IoT technologies is a general component of Industry 4.0, smart cities and condition monitoring.

We explain precise indoor and outdoor positioning with LoRaWAN, Quuppa & Co.

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Smartlocalization products are used for goods and inventory tracking, position and motion detection, identification and inventory, people and vehicle location, and access and presence monitoring. In common parlance also called asset, vehicle, people trackers. Asset tracking itself refers to the method of tracking physical assets (operating equipment), either by scanning barcode labels attached to the assets, RFID labels, or by using so-called beacons or tags.

The benefits of a smart tracking solution are essentially the reduction of search times, no wrong trips, the correct assignment of assets to orders and vehicles, seamless tracking of valuable cargo, theft protection and the prevention of improper handling or damage. The approach to digitization includes reporting the arrival or departure of the asset and recording the asset's identification, location of observation, time and status. Anyone involved in the tracking and localization of goods or vehicles will sooner or later also have to deal with the selection of suitable navigation technologies and tracking methods.

A tracking system offers companies a range of benefits, from increased supply chain visibility to reducing transportation and production bottlenecks: A strategically developed tracking system plays an essential role in improving efficiency and reducing costs. Increased efficiency can best be achieved by merging the digital and real worlds. Positioning and localization technologies play a particularly important role in this process - especially when it comes to real-time positioning - a so-called Real Time Location Service (RTLS).

Quuppa? What is it?

Quuppa is not a new technology, but a leading technology provider in real-time location systems (RTLS) and indoor positioning systems (IPS). The company has designed a product platform that enables a barrier-free transition between different positioning technologies.

Tracking objects outdoors or indoors in an industrial environment presents many challenges. Many different factors come into play when choosing the right indoor or outdoor tracking technology, depending on the application. While some applications require pinpoint accuracy, others require more basic knowledge of an object's presence within a defined space.

The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is a unified technology platform for location-based services and applications. The platform provides companies with a complete software suite of tools for planning, simulating and commissioning projects, which can be used as a solid and scalable foundation for building various location-based solutions.

The Quuppa system can achieve an accuracy of approximately 0.5 m (2 ft) using unique bearing methods based on angular measurements and a proprietary algorithm.

Real Time Location Service

Real-time location - accurate & as needed

Quuppa systems can achieve 'sub-metre' accuracy using unique bearing methods based on angular measurements and a proprietary algorithm. How accurate the positioning needs to be usually depends on the application.

Depending on your needs - whether it's "meter accuracy" or just "presence detection" in a specific area - Quuppa allows you to control the level of accuracy by simply changing the number of locators.

In inventory management, for example, it is often sufficient to know that the object to be located exists or is in an approximate area, which requires only a few locators. However, if a more precise location is needed, such as at the loading dock, this can be achieved by adding more locators in that area.

Quuppa's Intelligent Locating System™ is a powerful engine for various location-based services and applications. It provides accurate real-time location data for tracked Bluetooth® devices using advanced proprietary algorithms. But it goes much further!

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Exact localization

Quuppa & LoRaWAN = an unbeatable team

By integrating the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ with existing LoRaWAN devices, a resilient solution for unlimited IoT use cases in industry, logistics and healthcare is instantly available.

What could be more obvious than a technological collaboration between companies that are committed to the topic of tracking and localization? And this is exactly what the companies Actility and Quuppa have done. They have combined their know-how and linked Quuppa and LPWAN.
Actility is one of the global providers of LPWAN connectivity solutions with its own hardware portfolio through its subsidiary Abeeway, which is specifically dedicated to asset tracking via LPWAN. And Quuppa is a leading technology provider for real-time positioning systems and indoor positioning systems.

The compatibility of Abeeway trackers with Quuppa software enables new types of indoor and outdoor geolocation use cases. The integrated solution is designed to provide reliable location data even in complex indoor and outdoor use cases or in hazardous environments such as a construction site, mine or refinery. It provides real-time data on the operating status of machinery and the monitoring of mobile assets and people.

This customised, accessible IoT tracking solution is particularly relevant for use cases such as indoor asset tracking and management, factories, resource tracking, theft prevention, warehouse logistics, fleet management, people tracking and much more.

Products for geolocalization in our m2m IoT store

  • Abeeway Industrial Tracker

    The Abeeway Industrial Tracker is a highly versatile multi-mode tracker with a long battery life and embedded sensors. The combination of GPS, low-power GPS, Wi-Fi sniffer, BLE and LoRaWAN TDoA geolocation technologies, make accurate outdoor and indoor geolocation possible.

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  • Micro Tracker

    The Micro Tracker is an ATEX certified multi-mode tracker with embedded sensors and GPS, low power GPS , Wi-Fi sniffer, BLE and LoRaWAN TDoA geolocation technologies for precise outdoor and indoor geolocation. Its small size and long battery life make it the ideal product for numerous tracking applications.

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  • Multi-mode tracker

    This portable multi-mode tracker in ID card format with combined embedded sensors such as GPS, low-power GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffer, BLE and LoRaWAN TDoA, is designed for accurate and continuous geolocation outdoors and indoors. Ideal for tracking, zone notification and surveillance - for enhanced safety and security. With SOS and buzzer function.

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