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Suitable sensors for your condition monitoring

Maximum utilization of machines, as little downtime and interruptions in production as possible, and low maintenance and servicing costs. All this and more is a top priority for the profitability of a manufacturing company, regardless of its size.

Without condition monitoring, i.e. the digital monitoring of machines and plants by sensors and their networking, this is no longer possible in times of advancing digitalization and Industry 4.0.

What is Condition Monitoring?

Condition monitoring means nothing more than the continuous digital monitoring of machines, plants, processes or systems in order to assess their current condition and, if necessary, to detect deviations from the normal operating state at an early stage.

The main objective of condition monitoring is to detect problems or signs of wear in good time before they lead to more serious damage or unplanned downtime.

This approach uses different types of sensors and technologies to collect data about machine or process parameters, such as:

  • Vibrations,
  • Temperature,
  • Print,
  • Vibrations,
  • Flow,
  • electrical signals, etc.

This data can then be evaluated against defined patterns and setpoints to detect anomalies or deviations from normal operation. In the event of an actual deviation, the system can automatically trigger alarms and send notifications to maintenance personnel to take appropriate action.

A selection of sensors for condition monitoring

  • Bob Smart Assistant

    Watteco's Bob Smart Assistant is a LoRaWAN vibration sensor. With the help of the integrated accelerometer, a gyroscope and embedded artificial intelligence, it analyzes the vibrations of a machine and sends a warning in time when an anomaly is detected. The rugged IP68 housing enables use in harsh, industrial applications.

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  • LoRa IoT Current Sensor Harvy2


    The LoRaWAN current sensor from deZem is used to detect effective currents in main and sub-distribution boards. It detects three AC currents as well as a voltage and can also determine active power from them. In addition, it can acquire up to four separate 4-20 mA analog signals. It operates completely battery-free, since it is powered by current from its environment.

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  • ELT-2 LoRaWAN Multisensor

    The ELT-2 LoRaWAN multisensor from Elsys can capture both analog and digital signals. It has four internal sensors: temperature, humidity, air pressure sensor as well as an accelerometer. In addition, two external sensors can be connected. Equipped with an IP67 housing, it can also be used outdoors.

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  • SMARTbox Mini

    The SMARTbox mini from PSsystec is a fully integrated cellular gateway to connect Modbus devices - ideal for the industrial environment for additional remote monitoring. The gateway uses the IoT Cloud from Cumulocity and Cloud of Things. With the Cloud Fieldbus application, Modbus participants can be configured and managed via Plug&Play.

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