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We are expanding our LoRaWAN® network Server Provider Network

We are always driven by the desire to offer the most suitable solution for our customers. This is one reason why we are constantly expanding our partner network. Currently, we have decided to enter into a strategic partnership with the Swiss LoRaWAN® network provider LORIOT.

In this partnership, we do not act as a network operator, but as a vendor-independent technology and hardware supplier and enabler for IoT business models. Our primary goal is to offer a suitable, freely selectable LoRaWAN® network server solution for each customer.

LORIOT is a global IoT company founded in Switzerland in 2015 with a mission to enable far-reaching IoT solutions in every corner of the world.

What is special about LORIOT

LORIOT's LoRaWAN® infrastructure is continuously growing across countries. The user-friendly software platform enables LORIOT users to build, operate and scale a secure IoT network. Solutions from LORIOT are considered very powerful and secure in the market. The Swiss company counts telecom and utility companies as well as system integrators, local/city authorities, blue chip companies and multinational organizations among its customer base. LORIOT provides secure connectivity for thousands of gateways, millions of devices and - of particular interest: routing of critical data.

Furthermore, there are no manufacturer restrictions in the choice of LoRa® devices/sensors to be used - a wide variety of LoRa® sensors can be used. The server can be established at the customer's premises or run via the LORIOT structure. The data visualisation or corresponding dashboard solution can be realised with m2m-Cockpit if desired by the customer.

LoRaWAN® - a sensible decision ?!

LoRaWAN® has become very important in all narrowband LPWA IoT use cases. It powers a large number of nationwide networks worldwide, an even larger number of private networks, and there are also large community-operated networks. Private networks are operated by all kinds of industries, including logistics, manufacturing, agriculture and services.

While on the one hand, some existing use cases powered by other technologies such as Wifi or Bluetooth have switched to LoRaWAN® to take advantage of its undisputed benefits (long range, deep penetration, low power consumption, easy installation, high capacity), on the other hand, LoRaWAN® technology has enabled many new use cases and contributed to the global diffusion of IoT, even in areas of the planet previously excluded from this important wave of innovation.

Especially for smart city applications - also in the field of metering - LoRaWAN® is emerging as a booster for digitalization and co.

Are you wondering whether your project is feasible with LoRaWAN®?
We will advise you comprehensively and implement the first PoC's with you within a very short time - so that you can convince yourself of the possibilities of LoRaWAN® for your digitisation project.

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