Cable replacement by radio connection

Manufacturers of machines often use cable connections for maintenance purposes or for the transmission of machine information. This means that technicians have to plug a cable between the PC/laptop and the machine for firmware updates or other service purposes, for example, or the end customer obtains usage information by exchanging mass storage devices or USB sticks. Sometimes the interfaces are difficult to access, the machine has to be stopped (e.g. for safety reasons), data cannot be collected while driving past (e.g. with forklift trucks, tractors) or in case of high pollution this is cumbersome for the persons concerned (e.g. with a garbage compactor).

Wireless data transmission brings added value in handling and enables new business fields:

  • Communication to different devices possible PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet e.g. over short distances via Bluetooth or WLAN
  • New services through remote maintenance can be offered, e.g. via mobile radio
  • Preventive maintenance possible to avoid damage and machine downtime

Your customers benefit from:

  • Simple and fast access to data without any plug connection
  • The distance to the machine is no longer important or the distance between machine and technician or customer is no longer tied to a cable
  • Cost savings due to the elimination of cable laying
  • Data can also be called up with a safety distance and machines do not have to be stopped
  • A better and faster service

We take care of the technical conception, selection of suitable components, development and implementation. If possible, we use existing standard components to keep the development and approval costs low for you. On this basis, we develop the individual connection of your machines or support your development department with the integration.

Together with you, we develop a solution that is optimally tailored to your needs. Increase your customer loyalty and satisfaction with m2m Germany

Relevant for the following industries and target groups:

  • Manufacturer of machines of any kind
  • Manufacturers of vehicles or mobile machinery
  • Manufacturer of test equipment and test devices

If you would like to know more about how cable replacement can be replaced by wireless connection in practice, then read our use case on "Efficient prototype development - "always online" with the Erlkönig" now.

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