• Digitalization in hospitals: "BedMan" revolutionizes bed management

    No more searching for a free bed or the time-consuming creation of occupancy schedules. m2m Germany has developed an innovative IoT sensor for the...

  • NFC RFID Button

    NFC RFID LoRa Button new on the market

    More than just a button! Sometimes it can be a bit more. When a simple acknowledgement or alarm via button alone is not enough, but...

  • Municipal utilities Gießen

    Stadtwerke Gießen establishes a LoRaWAN® network Planning and construction of a LoRaWAN® network in the city of Gießen LPWAN radio technologies are the pioneers for the Internet-of-Things,...

  • TOPLIST provider of telematics again

    Once again, the media group has named us TOPLIST provider of telematics. A signet that we can...

  • Bluetooth evolution

    What you always wanted to know about Bluetooth

    You know King Blue-tooth? A long, long time ago, there was a Danish-Norwegian king, and his name was Blauzahn - Harald Blauzahn. He was...

  • ZIM research project successfully completed

    The ZIM research project with TH Köln was successfully completed Hundreds of thousands of bicycles are stolen in Germany every year, and the solution to this has been...

  • MuSIC Multi Sensor Service

    ZIM Network MuSIC

    m2m Germany is a member of the network Multi Sensor Services for Intralogistics MuSIC is the network of effective, efficient, resource-saving and intelligent warehouse logistics systems. It is intended to provide cross-industry...

  • Transmit cooperation network

    Innovation cluster for sensor networks

    Bundle competencies - exchange knowledge - develop solutions! In Hessen, there are around 45 successful cluster and network initiatives with nearly 3,800 members from...

  • Innovative through research

    Research seal for m2m Germany Only companies that show a special commitment to research and development are awarded the "Innovative through Research" seal by the Stifterverband.


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