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LoRa radio modules for IoT and smart metering: AI50H & ST50HE

IoT Module AI50H

The two LoRa modules Ai50H and ST50HE from the Korean LoRa specialist AcSiP are particularly flexible when it comes to IoT and smart metering applications. The AI50H with ultra-narrowband modulation impresses with its duality - it masters both LoRa and Sigfox technology.
If you are looking for a price-sensitive module solution for IoT & smart metering, you can find it at AcSip.

All-rounder for IoT applications: AI50H

The extremely compact AI50H module measures just 20mm x 20mm x 1.95mm and fits both LoRa and Sigfox. The module can serve both technologies and is therefore particularly flexible to use. The AI50H is driven by a Cortex M4 32bit RISC controller and a memory of 256K Flash with 64K RAM. It has numerous interfaces, such as 2 DMA, 2 USART, 1 LPUART, 2 SPI, 3 I2C and is also very powerful with an extremely low power consumption ( >1.3uA). The VBAT mode with RTC and 20*32 bytes backup registers as well as the integrated battery voltage monitoring complete the profile of the module. Likewise the approval of the safety certification: CE/FCC/TELEC/NCC.

The smaller alternative: ST50HE

With a very similar performance level, the even smaller ST50HE offers itself as a price-sensitive alternative. The ST50HE also combines LoRa and Sigfox in one module. It is very similar to the AI50H, only the output power of +14dBm is lower than the "big" AI50H. Significant is definitely the size of the ST50HE - it is smaller and has a very compact form factor of only 12mm x12mm x1.2mm.

The ST50HE is powered by an ARM Cortex®-M4 MCU with LoRa modulation and offers long-range communication in a wide range of applications. It has various interfaces such as: 2x DMA, 2x USART, 1x LPUART, 3x I2C, 2x SPI and offers a programmable bit rate of up to 300kbps. The radio module impresses with its very low susceptibility to interference and significantly reduced power consumption.

You still have questions about the modules: are you not sure whether they are really the right solution for your application ?
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