Funding for digitization and innovative R&D projects

Since we have been looking into various funding programs for quite some time now against the backdrop of funding our own internal development and digitization measures, and have already used some ourselves, it was obvious to check the extent to which our customers can also apply for funding for services we provide.

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At first glance, the topic of funding seems like an impenetrable jungle - questions about questions and often it leads to the fact that funds are not even considered and the one or the other project can not be implemented.

We would like to share our knowledge and experience on the subject of subsidy programs with you, but we would like to point out that we are not a designated subsidy consultant, nor do we claim to be exhaustive. However, we can safely emphasize in advance that the subsidy landscape is very complex.

Depending on the project, one or even several funding programs may come into question, and a closer look in advance can be absolutely worthwhile financially. In some cases, funding programs can also be combined, e.g., consulting funding with subsequent implementation, which in turn can be funded through another program. Either way, it is worth considering funding programs if R&D and/or digitization measures are being considered anyway. Predominantly, the funding programs are of interest exclusively to SMEs, but companies of any size can also benefit from funding via the new research allowance.

Within the framework of a cooperation with us, we will be happy to support you in the examination and eligible design of our services, so that ideally you will benefit twice - from our actual development and consulting services and from subsidies.

The return on investment of your digitization measures or your new, innovative product is thus achieved after a very short time thanks to government funding.

Subsidies - The agony of choice

There are countless funding opportunities and support programs. We cannot and do not want to list them all. The programs we can present to you are at the state and federal level. Some have a regional connection, others do not. Funding amounts and quotas vary, and what can and should be funded is covered differently by the individual funding pools. In addition, some programs already count toward other subsidies - it quickly becomes clear that "funding" is not an easy undertaking.

Here is a short overview and if you like, you can download our funding whitepaper.

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