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Missed the Asset Tracking Webinar?

Asset tracking

You did not have time to participate in our partner webinar with INDUTRAX? The ASSETFINDER is completely unknown to you?
That doesn't matter, because we recorded the webinar for you.

Together with INDUTRAX, we will present new approaches in asset tracking and show the intersection of potential asset tracking solutions and IoT sensor networks.

Simply start the video and in future you will be better off "finding instead of searching".


Watch video on YouTube


Experience the ASSETFINDER live

Almost everyone knows that things sometimes don't run "smoothly" in production or manufacturing; delays often have an impact on logistics. The cause is often quickly found, because the organisation of production and logistics is often characterised by media disruptions and a lot of paper, so that the overview of ongoing processes and material flows is missing. In our partner webinar Asset Tracking: "Finding instead of searching" we have clarified how to effectively address this problem.

If you no longer want to put up with idle production, stalled manufacturing or delays in logistics, then watch the recording of the webinar and get to know the asset tracking solution from INDUTRAX and m2m Germany.

With an asset tracking solution, you always know where your "things" are and can initiate complex processes with a corresponding software solution - from pure location to operating resource management. Asset tracking creates transparency for processes and inventories, enables forward-looking action and saves time and money.

The webinar "Finding instead of searching" presents the various wireless technologies available for asset tracking. Shows corresponding hardware and demonstrates in the INDUTRAX Location Test Factory how the software solution ASSESTFINDER provides more transparency in manufacturing and logistics processes.

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