Despite Corona-Virus/Covid-19 we keep the business running!20200320094956

Despite Corona-Virus/Covid-19 we keep the business running!

The number of reported corona infections is not yet stagnating in Germany and Europe to such an extent that one can assume that there is a b..
The small subsidy guide20200918125655

The small subsidy guide

Anyone who has ever dealt with this topic knows that orientation in the jungle of subsidies can get lost quite quickly...
m2m Germany is a company of excellence20200915114808

m2m Germany is a company of excellence

m2m Germany GmbH is listed as a company of excellence of German medium-sized businesses by DDW. DDW - The German economy lists and knows the...
Nominated for Telematics Award 2020!20200826131208

Nominated for Telematics Award 2020!

m2m Germany is nominated for the Telematik Award 2020This year the Telematik Award celebrates its 10th anniversary under difficult conditions.
L610 - IoT optimized LTE Cat.1 module20200819141603

L610 - IoT optimized LTE Cat.1 module

The IoT accelerator module: LTE Cat.1 L610The module of the Fibocom L610 series is an industrial LTE Cat.1 module with enormous performance.
LPWA module MA510-GL20200817130104

LPWA module MA510-GL

Multi-Mode LPWA Module MA510-GL for IoT ApplicationsThe LPWA network module MA510-GL is a wireless IOT communication module that provides multi-modal communication...
Summer Sale Promotion: LoRa®/LTE Gateway RG18620200811120129

Summer Sale Promotion: LoRa®/LTE Gateway RG186

With our Summer Sale campaign we want to make a contribution to the entry and rapid expansion of LoRa® networks. The Sentrius !...
Traci - a robust asset tracing solution20200809141313

Traci - a robust asset tracing solution

TRACI - more than "just" asset trackingTRACI is not a conventional asset tracker - it is more - an IoT sensor solution with four integrated ...
New partner MCF8820200708103110

New partner MCF88

New LoRa® sensors from mcf88 in m2m Portfoliomcf88 is an Italian supplier of IoT devices, software applications and payment systems...
Cellular IoT: Modem vs. modules20200615144820

Cellular IoT: Modem vs. modules

A navigation aid for crucial decisions in IoT design projectsIs it useful to have a module or a modem for its design?
Individual services Service & service portfolio20200603140400

Individual services Service & service portfolio

m2m Germany - the expert in the field of development, engineering services and project management Our competent team from the areas of ...